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Disclosure a product was received to review. All opinions are my own.

Last month I got an email from L.A.B2 Beauty about collaborating with them. They asked me to do a review on their makeup brushes. I of course agreed to do it, I mean c’mon who wouldn’t want to collaborate with another company?

L.A.B2 Beauty is a brand that puts a powerful new spin on beautiful, creating new ways to inspire makeup beginners and makeup addicts like me.

Their brushes are made with FiberLuxe™ Technology, specially designed with the softest and highest quality filaments. These brushes look and feel like professional makeup brushes and I have to say that these are my new go to brushes for my makeup application needs.

They sent me the following brushes:

Each brush comes in their own little box. I would like to point out the packaging of these brushes. I find the packaging to be quite fancy. The material is sleek, the design is stylish, and the structure is well built. This type of packaging is not something you see with other brushes, considering the price point.

The brushes are held within the packaging by a foam board that can act as a holder for the brushes to place on your vanity or makeup table. This is a nice and practical addition to add with the brushes.

Breakdown of the brushes and what they’re used for:

Blush Brush // I can sculpt and brighten facial features in one easy swipe for a beautiful, glowing complexion.

Triple Threat Multi-Purpose Brush // My thickly-packed bristle head picks up more product than a normal brush, giving you a smooth, even complexion and polished finish.

Angled Shadow Brush // I have soft, fluffy bristles which seamlessly blend all pressed and loose eyeshadow powders to ensure a smooth and even finish.

Blending Shadow Brush // I soften and diffuse harsh lines and edges, removing any eyeshadow imperfections.

Eyeshadow Brush // My  round-tip edges allow smooth and precise application while eliminating any harsh lines.

Where can you buy these amazing brushes? For starters you can go to your local Wal-Mart store or buy them from Amazon. How awesome is that? They’re also reasonably priced, they tend to range from $8-12.

I can honestly say I would recommend these brushes. I love how they feel, how they apply my makeup so perfectly and how great the quantity is for the price.

Thank you to the L.A.B2 Beauty team for inviting me to their team and collaborating with them.

  • Okay so let me tell you that I am slightly obsessed with makeup brushes! And for this price point I will absolutely be checking these out!!!! Thanks for sharing.


    • You’re welcome. I plan to get more of their brushes.

  • Jenny

    I always love new brushes. These look great!

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    These sound like some awesome brushes. I need new ones so bad!

  • My sister just gave me a huge thing of makeup brushes, but I had no idea what each one was for (I clearly do not know how to do makeup) so this actually helps a lot!

  • Samantha

    Great review xoxo

    You should do a post on how to collab with different companies!! I so admire your drive for blogging, and would love to hear how you have gotten this far 🙂

  • Jessica Gardner

    Love this review!! The brushes sound like they are good quality.

  • Love me a good brush! My favorite brush ever is the stippling brush! That thing is heaven. Lol. I’ll have to keep an eye out on this brand next time I’m on the market for brushes.

  • These brushes sound like they are really great. I just ordered some BH one’s but I’m always looking for new brushes to try. Thanks for the review!

  • This comes at such a great time! I have been looking at new brushes for a while now… I’m just not good at this grown up make-up wearing thing!

  • I have been in need of new brushes for a while now! I just picked up a couple from amazon that are nice, but need some more eyeshadow brushes! Thanks for sharing!!

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