November Goals

Hello November

Hello November. You guys we only have two months left of 2016! November is finally here and that means we have 22 days until Thanksgiving. WHAT!!!! I don’t know about you but we love Thanksgiving. I can stuff my face with delicious food and spend time with my family. Now that October is over, time to start planning some goals for November. 

First take a look at October and how I did. 

October Goals

Personal Goals 

  • Read 1 book // I’ve already started to read “The Husband’s Secret” so now I just need to finish it. 
  • Go on a double date // One of my friends and I have been talking about doing this double date and we’re finally planning it for this month. Probably doing a fall festivity. 
  • Complete some of the Fall Bucket List // We have so far done our nature scavenger hunt. // We have completed 11 out 14. 
  • Family photos // Even though Brian and I aren’t married we do want to get some family photos done for our apartment. 
  • Try apple cider // I’ve never had one.

Blog Goals

  • Schedule posts on time // I’ve been slacking on scheduling my posts which sucks because I’m so good with planning ahead.// October was a success at scheduling posts. 
  • Gain 200 followers on Instagram // Instagram has been such a pain with growing. Especially now with the new algorithm. // Definitely gained more than 200 followers in October. 
  • Gain 100 followers on Twitter // I’ve been putting Twitter on the back burner because I was focusing on Instagram & Pinterest so much so now I want to focus more on Twitter. // Definitely surpassed the 100 goal. 
  • Collaborate with more bloggers // I love working with bloggers especially when it comes to beauty so if you’re someone who’s interested in collaborating let me know. // Loved working with Natalie last month. We shared our Fall/Winter skincare routine. Be sure to check out here & here
  • Reach out to some brands // I haven’t done this in a long time since brands have been reaching out to me which is why I stopped reaching out but some of the brands do reach out don’t want to pay. BE SURE YOU GET PAID FOR WHAT YOU’RE DOING BLOGGERS!!! // I did reach out to a few brands and I have heard back from a few so looking forward to those collaborations. 

I’m really impressed with my blog goals but wish I would have done better with my personal goals. October was a bit hectic with us trying to complete our fall bucket list that I didn’t have time to finish reading a book or go on a double date with our friend. We didn’t do our family photos because of the weather we kept having and I still have some time to try apple cider right?? 

November Goals


  • Decorate for Christmas – Yes people we decorate early because we love Christmas so much that we like to enjoy it for more than a month 
  • Start Christmas shopping
  • Do some Christmas DIY’s
  • Finish reading my book


  • Continue to schedule posts for this month
  • Create some YouTube tutorials for holiday makeup
  • Gain 100 likes on my Facebook page
  • Gain 100 followers on Pinterest

With it being another holiday month I’m going to keep things a bit more simple for myself. I want to create some YouTube tutorials with some holiday makeup looks. 

What are your goals for November?