Pixi Beauty Collaboration with It’s Judy Time

It's Judy Time

Last week I wrote I review on one of the products I received from Pixi Beauty which was on the Double Cleanse. This week I’m doing a review and a makeup look on their collaboration with It’s Judy Time. Judy created an eyeshadow palette and lipstick palette. If you’re unfamiliar with Judy, she’s a mom of three girls. So she created this palette so it was a practical and efficient for other ladies or moms out there that don’t have time to do the whole glam.

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It's Judy Time

Pixi + It’s Judy Time | It’s Eye Time

I’m a sucker for neutral tone eyeshadow palettes and this eyeshadow palette was calling my name. I just love all the shimmer and matte shades in this palette. So you can definitely wear these eyeshadows every day. You can also mix and match the colors which are a plus for me because I love to mix colors and make sure they look well blended together.

The shadows are pigmented which a PLUS for me considering it’s a drugstore palette. Overall I was happy with this palette. 

It's Judy Time

Pixi + It’s Judy Time | It’s Lip Time

To be honest I’ve never purchased a lipstick palette. So when I got this I wasn’t sure how I felt about it BUT I do love the shades in them. Now the lipstick palette doesn’t come with a lipstick brush to apply the product onto your lip which means you’re stuck using your fingers if you don’t have lipstick brush.

You do get a variety of shades which works well with any skin tone. You don’t get a matte or glossy finish which I like. Only issues I had with this palette were: it doesn’t come with a brush or utensil to apply the product, colors are not as pigmented as I would like and it’s not long lasting. 

Honestly I feel like it’s more like a lip balm if anything.

It's Judy Time

It's Judy Time

Here’s a makeup look I created using the It’s Judy Time palettes. I love how this look turned out. Right now the eyeshadow is SOLD OUT but you can always online or at your local Target. 

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