What I Learned from This Photoshoot

What I Learned from This Photoshoot

Photo Credit: Hart & Photography

I’ve never been that person or blogger to ever feel comfortable or confident when it came to being photographed in public. I’ve always felt award, uncomfortable or have zero confidence in myself. But after this weekend’s photoshoot with my friend, I felt very inspired and confident. At first, when we started to take photos we were outside and doing them in front of people in the middle of the busiest parts of Downtown Madison. 

We already know that I have struggled with anxiety, so this was definitely taking me out of my comfort zone and making my anxiety act up a bit. But after a few shots, I started to feel more comfortable with her taking the photos and of course being out in public being photographed. 

What I Learned from This Photoshoot

Photo Credit: Hart & Fig Photography

What I Learned from This Photoshoot

So what did I learn from this weekend’s photoshoot? 

1.It’s okay to feel uncomfortable because in the end you slowly start to get comfortable with the camera. 

2. Be silly and be yourself. After all, these are your photos and you’re showing your personality through them. 

3. Ignore and silence the people around you. Don’t let it stop you from being you.

4. Feel inspired. This photoshoot definitely has inspired me to do some fun planning for the future of my blog and I’m really excited for it. 

These were so fun to take and I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos once I get them back. I’m really looking forward to showing you guys. 

What are some tips or advice would you give someone that may struggle with getting photographed?