Home Decor: Spring Inspiration

Home Decor- Spring Inspiration

Spring is here and with all the changes I’m doing in my apartment, I felt like I needed to do a Home Decor Spring Inspiration post. Right now my living room feels dark with the red couches I have and black furniture, so we’re doing a coffee table, tv stands and end tables from scratch to fit the “Rustic Farmhouse Style” I want. We are planning to get couch slip covers but I haven’t really found the ones I want. 

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Definitely, want slipcovers that are beige or off white but they also have to be machine washable because I do have kids. Need to make sure that I’m able to toss it in the washer if they ever get dirty. Because I want a rustic feel, I wanted to keep the color scheme for decorations light and bright. 

Home Decor- Spring Inspiration

Succulent Plant Pots – I’m really hoping that this year I don’t kill my succulent plants like I did last year. Otherwise, I’m getting fake ones. 

White Vases – This would go perfectly with the wood stain we have picked out for our end tables. Can place some bright fake flowers in them or leave them empty. 

Thow Blanket – It’s a must because I’m always cold, so this color would go perfectly on the slipcovers I want. 

Cotton Wreath – It’s really hard to find this style in my stores but I was able to find this one online.

Lamps – Right now we have floor lamps and Brian isn’t a huge fan of them so he really wants table lamps. Target has the cutest lamps. Pineapple Lamp / Stone Lamp

Wall Sign – We currently have a “fall” canvas and that needs to change asap. Need something like this wall sign. 

Throw Pillows – I’ve never been a fan of having throw pillows on the couch but I’m going to be changing that. It makes the living room feel more homey. Left / Middle / Right

Candle Lanterns – I have been wanting these for a while now because they are so farmhouse style. 

What is your favorite way to decorate for spring?