Travel | Chicago

This past Saturday I turned 29. My parents, nephew, boyfriend, my boys and I went to Chicago. I have never gone to Chicago to be a tourist. I’ve only driven by it whenever my family and I use to drive to New York to visit family. So for my 29th birthday, I wanted to do something fun that involved my boys and parents because usually every year I would celebrate with close friends and my boys would be gone for my birthday with their dad. 

Fall Fashion Staples

You guys have no idea how ready I am for Wisconsin to get back into the Fall weather. This past week it’s been in the high 80’s and I wasn’t too happy about that because the week before that we literally had 60-degree weather. Like mother nature turned on the heat on us again. NOT COOL! Fall is by far my favorite season. I just love everything about it from the candles, decorations, weather, all things pumpkin, Halloween and of course fashion. This week I am showing you guys, my must-have Fall Fashion Staples. 

Beauty Mix | Brown Tones

First off I have to say HAPPY WEDDING DAY to my girl Kelsie. She’s getting married today. So excited for her.  Welcome back to the Beauty Mix Series. Last week us girls shared 4 different warm toned eye looks which you can check out here, here, here and here. For this week’s Beauty Mix it’s all about the Brown Tones. As a brown eye girl, brown eye looks are probably one of my favorite looks to create. I wanted to create a look that was very bold and smokey because fall is all about the bold and smokey eye looks. 

HOW TO: Color Correct

This week on the HOW TO Series we are talking about color correcting. Color Correcting is something that not many people know how to do. I will admit I was intimidated by the colors in the palette when I first saw Color Correcting palettes. If you’re not sure how to color correct before applying your foundation this post will definitely help you because I have a step by step of how I correct on my own skin and what each color of the shades are meant for and what shade you should use based on skin tone. 

NYX Cosmetics Total Control Foundation

I’ve been testing out the NYX Cosmetics Total Control Foundation for a few weeks now. I decided to get it because I’ve heard great things about it from my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. As someone who has oily skin, I wanted to see if this held up the test on my skin. I like a good matte foundation and matte finish when it comes to makeup looks. I’ve never used a foundation that came in droppers so this was fairly new to me.  

Beauty Mix | Warm Tones

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mavenx & Ulta Beauty. All opinions and results expressed in this article are 100% my own. It’s been a few months since Ashleigh and I have done the Beauty Mix series. But we are definitely ready to share with you some looks for September through December. This time we have 2 new beauties collaborating with us; Kelsie & Lily. These girls are such great bloggers and I’ve gotten to know them very well. I love that they both love beauty as much as Ashleigh and I do. 

Travel Essentials I Can’t Leave Home Without

  As we are slowly transitioning from Summer to Autumn, we are definitely looking forward to our mini vacation we are planning in October. We want to make sure that we do as much as we can in Autumn with the boys because that’s our favorite season of the year. There are so many fun festivals up north from Wisconsin which means we would need to stay up there. Of course, when traveling anywhere you want to make sure you bring all of the essentials when it comes to traveling. 

HOW TO: Select Foundations Based On Skin Type

Last week I talked about finding the right primer based on your skin type and this week it’s all about finding the right foundation based on your skin type. Believe it or not, many people select the wrong foundation because they think it’ll work on their skin. But the truth is that not all foundations work on your skin. There are certain types of foundation that are meant for your skin type.