Bella and Bear Makeup Brushes

I’m very picky when it comes to makeup brushes because I like to make sure that they’re going to do what it’s suppose to do. I’ve purchase makeup brushes before that I truly hated. Last month Bella and Bear contacted me about doing a review on their brushes. First of all I’ve never heard of this brand. I mean have you? So when they told me they we’re sending me their 15 piece makeup brush set plus three of their NEWEST brushes, I was so excited to see how good these brushes were.

My Go-To Makeup Brushes

Let’s talk about makeup brushes. I’m constantly being asked which brushes I use and which are my favorite. Since I’ve been doing makeup for almost 2 years I’ve come across a few “hits” and a few “ugh this sucks”. But these brushes here are the ones I use daily on myself. Some of these brushes are drugstore and high ends.  I’ll be talking about they what they do and what you can use them for as well. But again you can always use the makeup brushes any way you want to as well. 

Vera Mona Color Switch Review + Demo

Disclosure- Vera Mona Color Switch products have been provided in consideration for a review. This is not a sponsored post.  I was recently sent the Color Switch Duo & Solo by Vera Mona. This new fun beauty is a HUGE game changer to the makeup world especially if you’re a freelance makeup artist like myself.  When I first heard about the Vera Mona Color Switch, I’m not going to lie I was a little confused by this product. I wanted to know how exactly this work and if it truly worked.  After a few weeks of playing with it, I can finally say that this is something ANY makeup lover needs in their collection. You can easily switch from eyeshadow colors by simply rubbing the brush on the color switch. 

Sigma Beauty Review

A few weeks ago I had received a box full of goodies from Sigma Beauty. I was so surprised because I have been wanting to work with them for a long time and I finally had my chance.  I have been testing/playing around with their products they sent me for a while now. I can honestly say they are worth the hype.   I was sent the following products –  Standout Eyes Gel Liner (wicked) Winged Liner E06 brush Aura Powder Blush (Cor-de-Rosa) Power Crayon (Sigma Pink) Kabuki Flat Top brush F80 Medium Sweeper brush E54 Buff and Blend brush E39 Eye Shading brush E55 Spa Glove Express (not pictured review will come next week on that)

My Makeup Brush Set – Oval Brush Review

Disclosure-My Makeup Brush Set products have been provided in consideration for a review. This is not a sponsored post. If you’re a beauty lover or artist like myself, I’m sure you have seen these oval makeup brushes around on social media or videos of beauty gurus using these. Well, today I’m going to be talking to you about these fabulous oval brushes. Now these aren’t the Artis Makeup Brushes but these are just as good as those and less expensive. Consider these as drugstore brand for the Artis brushes.  My Makeup Brush Set – Oval Brush definitely leaves your makeup looking flawless. There have been times where I have used too much foundation and I had to test out the foundation brush to see how well the brush would blend in my foundation, and it worked. It really did leave my foundation flawless, no streaks or patches. 

BlendSMART Foundation Brush Review

Disclosure blendSMART Foundation Brush has been provided in consideration for a review. This is not a sponsored post. There’s a new brush hitting the Sephora store and it’s called blendSmart. This is a new way to applying your foundation, especially to those who don’t have time for all of it. This new brush is promising to take the guess work out of blending and assuring you beautifully blended foundation and face powders.  Lucky for me I was sent their Foundation brush. You’re probably asking yourself “what’s different from all the other makeup brushes out there?” well it’s ELECTRIC! Yup you heard me right. It spins while you apply the foundation to your skin, blending and leaving your foundation streak free. 

BH Cosmetics Sculpting Brush

If you know me I love makeup brushes. I feel like I don’t have enough brushes but yet I have over 40+ brushes. Lol I recently purchased the BH Cosmetics 10 Piece Face Sculpting Brush and 7 Piece Eye Brush Set! Let me just say that BH Cosmetics has been one of my favorite makeup online sites to order products from. I have ordered their: Studio Pro HD Foundation (review is here), Missy Lynn Palette (review is here), Wild at Heart Palette (review is here), Studio Pro HD Eyebrow Pencil, and many more… I love how reasonably priced their products are and how quick shipment is. I haven’t had any issues with them.  Now onto my review on their Face Sculpting Brush Sets.. In this box you will receive 10 sculpting brushes (left to right from image above): Small Round Blending Brush (#122) Small Flat Blending Brush (#120) Angled Contouring Brush (#117) Round Blending Brush (#113) Angled Blending Brush (#114) Flat Blending Brush (kabuki brush – #116) Tapered Contouring Brush (#116) Small Angled Blending Brush (#119) Small Angled Contouring Brush (#121) Small Tapered Contouring Brush (#118) BH Cosmetics Description – dual-fiber collection — specially crafted for applying liquids, creams and powders —…

My Everyday Brushes

  Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. I get my boys on Sunday for two weeks this time and I can’t wait to see their cute and adorable faces. Need to start planning things to do with them while they’re here.    Anyways…Today I’m going to talk to you about my everyday brushes. These are brushes that I use constantly because I love them and I feel that they are amazing.    One // Beauty Blender – I use this to apply my foundation and concealer. This is a must have. If you don’t go get yourself one. Target has some if you don’t want to splurge on them. Before using it be sure to damp it with water otherwise your foundation is going to seep through the blender and not apply it to your face.    Two // LAB2 Blending Brush – I love this brush. I have tried other blending brushes but this one is so perfect.    Three // Real Techniques Setting Brush – Before I was using whatever brush I had that was small to apply my powder to set my concealer but this time I decided to get this brush because I’ve seen Nicole Guerriero…