Copper Holiday Makeup

Happy 1st day of December. We only have 24 days until Christmas and 30 days until we ring in the new year. Crazy to think how fast this year has gone by. With it being the month of Christmas, I am going to bring you a holiday look. Now this isn’t your typical red lips or anything. I bring you the Copper Holiday Makeup look. I decided to do a cut crease with this look and do a double wing with copper glitter. 

Beauty Mix: Gold

Last week for the Beauty Mix it was all about the Thanksgiving look. This week it’s all about the gold. Gold is definitely a color you can use all year around especially during the holiday months. So Ashleigh and I decided to do gold makeup looks this week.  I decided to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette which I haven’t used in a long time and pair the eye look with a bold lip color. Even though they no longer sell the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette (at least I don’t think) I’m sure you can create this look with any gold, orange and brown shades you have. Like if you have the Morphe palettes, you’re good to go!

Nip and Fab

As you know when it comes to skincare I’m very honest about what I like and don’t like. Well with the winter weather in full swing, my skin has been getting so dry lately especially after a hot shower. I can’t stand when it feels dry. It’s itchy, feels rough and of course it feels like someone is tugging on your skin. When I received the Nip and Fab products, I was so excited to try these out. First of all, I’ve never heard of this brand before. Like ever. So I was definitely curious and anxious to try them and see how well these were. They sent me their: Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme, Dragon’s Blood Fix Pumping Serum, and Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask. 

Beauty Mix: A Thanksgiving Look

This weeks beauty mix is all about the Thanksgiving makeup look. For me I wanted to do a simple but bold look. Usually I do a nude lipstick and bold eyes but this year I think I’ll be doing the neutral eye and bold lip. We shall see. I’m usually in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day and I’m sure some of you will be too so this look was super easy to do and I’m sure you can pull it off as well. 

Beauty Mix: Red

Holiday makeup looks are in full blown gear. I love creating holiday makeup looks and this week it’s all about the Beauty Mix: Red. Let’s be real here, we all know we can rock the red lipstick. You can wear it by simply wearing no eyeshadow and with some mascara but today I did a sultry smokey glam look to go with the red lipstick.  I usually love to rock the simple wing liner with the red lipstick and some neutral eyeshadow but this makeup is completely different. I used the Morphe 35F palette to create this look. 

Top 4 Full Coverage Foundation

Let’s talk about full coverage foundation. I’ve been testing out so many foundations drugstore and high end and I’ve found that these are my Top 4 Full Coverage Foundation. I’m not a fan of spending so much money on high end products because I feel like there’s always dupes or cheap products for the same type of coverage.  The good thing about these 4 foundations is that 3 of them work well with oily skin and one of them works better with dry skin. 

Derma E Purifying Skincare Products

As I get older I’m really cautious about my skincare routine. How many of you have heard of Derma E? In my recent post about Keeping Your Skin Glowing for Winter I talked about three of the products that I received from them. I’ve been loving the Derma E products. I can’t believe I haven’t purchased any of these before.  I love the fact that when you visit the Derma E website you are prompted to take a quiz on your skincare type and concerns in order for them to give you a list of products for your skin needs. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

Last month I purchased the NEW Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. I wasn’t even aware about this foundation until I saw my favorite YouTube Guru Nicole Guerriero talk about it and I knew that I needed to get this. I have oily skin (ugh) and majority of my foundations are matte foundations. This is the first time I’ve ever tried a Urban Decay foundation.  So when I first tried this foundation, I wanted to test out this new beauty to make sure it would keep my foundation matte all day. Guess what??? It did. 

Beauty Mix: Wicked Spider Web Halloween Look

Oh my gosh you guys Halloween is literally 6 days away! I’m so excited for Halloween. My boys got their costumes already and I can’t wait to take them trick-a-treating. Mommy is taxing these boys by the way.  This week for the Beauty Mix; Ashleigh and I created another Halloween look. Originally I wanted to do a glamorous skull but then I saw this video by CosmobyHaley and I was inspired to do this Wicked Spider Web Halloween Look. She didn’t add any spiders but I wanted to, to make the look more creepy. And although I’m terrified of spiders, I’m glad I was able to stay calm when I was adding the fake spiders. 

SigMagic Brushampoo Review

Washing brushes can be a pain in the butt but it needs to be done. I’ve shared with you a few months ago Products I Use to Wash My Makeup Brushes. Well today I’m adding another product to that list. Thanks to Sigma Beauty, they sent me their SigMagic Brushampoo. This is a NEW product from Sigma Beauty. It launched yesterday (October 24th). Only a few of us we’re able to get our hands on it before it launched to test out the product.