VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask

As a mom some times I have those nights where we I can’t sleep either because I have insomnia or one of my kids decides to have a sleepless night. Which of course means dark circles for mama bear. I’m not a fan of dark circles, I mean who is. You can try to cover them up with makeup but sometimes that doesn’t always work. Well today I’m going to share with you all about a great beauty product that I’ve been loving lately right before bed. 

Nip and Fab

As you know when it comes to skincare I’m very honest about what I like and don’t like. Well with the winter weather in full swing, my skin has been getting so dry lately especially after a hot shower. I can’t stand when it feels dry. It’s itchy, feels rough and of course it feels like someone is tugging on your skin. When I received the Nip and Fab products, I was so excited to try these out. First of all, I’ve never heard of this brand before. Like ever. So I was definitely curious and anxious to try them and see how well these were. They sent me their: Exfoliate Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme, Dragon’s Blood Fix Pumping Serum, and Dragon’s Blood Fix Plumping Mask. 

Derma E Purifying Skincare Products

As I get older I’m really cautious about my skincare routine. How many of you have heard of Derma E? In my recent post about Keeping Your Skin Glowing for Winter I talked about three of the products that I received from them. I’ve been loving the Derma E products. I can’t believe I haven’t purchased any of these before.  I love the fact that when you visit the Derma E website you are prompted to take a quiz on your skincare type and concerns in order for them to give you a list of products for your skin needs. 

Keeping Your Skin Glowing for Winter

Happy Friday beauties! Today I’m teaming up with my friend Natalie from Hashtag Fab Life to share with you what products we use to keep our skin glowing this winter. Yes, we’re talking about winter already but let’s be honest here, some us that live in parts of the states are already experiencing cold weather which means, dry skin. I dislike dry skin. I hate how it feels.  Because we have already been experiencing cold weather in Wisconsin, I’ve noticed that my skin has been starting to get dry on my face. 

Elemis Skincare

Disclosure-Elemis Skincare products have been provided by #PreenMeVIP in consideration for a review. This is not a sponsored post. One of my favorite things about beauty is definitely skincare. Some people don’t realize how important taking care of our skin. Did you know it’s the largest living organ on our body! As I get older I love to make sure that I’m taking precaution for aging. I want to make sure I’m using products to help or avoid aging.  Elemis Skincare products have taken part of my skincare routine every morning and night. I’ll be sharing with you my review on these amazing products.

Aquation A New Way to Keep Skin Hydrated

Summer is almost over! Which means.. winter is coming! Okay if you’re a Game of Thrones fan like myself then you get the joke. But for real though winter is literally around the corner. If you’re like me I get dry skin in the winter a lot. No matter how much lotion I put on I always end up with dry itchy skin. But that’s all about to change thanks to Aquation. Aquation is a new skincare line.  We all know that I’ve talked about keeping your skin hydrated and the main key is water but thanks to dermatologists, Aquation cleanser, daily moisturizing lotion and moisturizing cream, you can achieve healthy hydrated skin!

Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum

Powered by BrandBacker Being a mom can be tiring. Let’s be honest. We’re always taking care of another human being and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. We tend to wake up with bags under our eyes if we have a sleepless night. Today I’ll be sharing with you on a great little bottle to help you depuff those puffy eyes and have you looking fabulous.  Exuviance DePuffing Eye Serum is a light-weight and fast absorbing serum that requires a single click of the plunger at the bottom to activate the flow of the serum. The potent serum coats the metal triple micro-roller balls and it immediately cools your skin to immediately begin the process of reducing your puffy eyes. 

Choose joeSCRUB Coffee to Clean Your Skin

Choose joeSCRUB Coffee to Clean Your Skin If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now then you know that I love coffee scrubs. Seriously, I do. I’ve tried so many different coffee scrubs but it doesn’t compare to joeSCRUB’s. Lately, I’ve been loving anything that is all natural, especially for my skin because of how sensitive it is.  I am always looking for high-quality natural products that actually work. My skin lately as you know has been acting up. Not sure if it’s because I’m getting older and my hormones are changing but my face is something I love to take care very well.