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My name is Shann, and I’m a mom, wife, writer, and dancer. I love to read, go shopping, and watch too much TV. I have three boys. My oldest is five and will be going to kindergarten this fall. My youngest two are twins that just turned three in May. I blog about our daily adventures, and many other parenting topics. What inspired you to start a blog? I actually started writing when the twins were in the hospital. They were born very early, 25 weeks, and were in the NICU for 91 and 93 days. I used my writing to keep friends and family informed of their conditions. It was also an emotional outlet for me, and helped me discover that I truly love writing. Now that they are older, I write about our daily adventures, while still trying to help other mom’s of preemies and twins by sharing my experiences with a high risk pregnancy and a long NICU stay. What is your favorite thing about blogging and why? My favorite thing about blogging is when someone writes to me or tells me that my blog has helped them through a hard time. I had some great support…

July’s Beauty Favorites

    OH EM GEE!! It’s already the last day of July. Only about a month left of summer then FALL! Sorry to remind you guys of it but fall is my favorite season. With it being the last day of the month I’m rounding up all my July’s Beauty Favorites.    1. NYX Super Skinny Marker – By far my favorite liquid eyeliner. It’s waterproof and last long. Gives the wing eyes that I always want.    2. ColourPop (High Tide) Highlight – I was a little concerned about this product because you can only use it with a synthetic brush but using your fingers works just fine. I love how pigmented it is.    3. E.L.F Lip Exfoliator – I have been looking into lip exfoliators for a while now and I almost decided to make my own at home but I just don’t like doing stuff like that so I found out that E.L.F had one and for only $3. This product gently removes dry and chapped lips. It has vitamin E, shea butter, avocado, grape Jojoba oils.    4. E.L.F Translucent Powder – I use this for setting my concealer underneath my eyes (“baking”). I’ve been using…

Behind the Blog | Maple Leopard

Hi, I am Valerie. I have two kids, 22 and 18 they both just graduated HS and college, very proud momma! I love to spend time with family, shop, sew and design, enjoy the outdoors, coffee with friends , and doting on my very sweet kitty! My blog is about fashion and travel What inspired you to start a blog? I wanted to change careers from teaching to a fashion career. Since I am 50 and have two kids in college, I could not afford to go back and get another degree. My ultimate goal is to have my own fashion label and be an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. What is your favorite thing about blogging and why? I LOVE meeting/connecting new people that share my passion and enjoy reading other blog posts as well that have nothing to do with fashion. I also get great fulfillment knowing that I am helping others with something that they may not be so good at, or want to learn more about. What is your dream vacation spot? Waikiki beach, I just returned from there! My bucket list Paris, NYC, Florida, Austraila, Japan , Hong Kong, and South Africa. What do you…

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  Hi everyone! I’m Adriana and I blog over at Daily Dose of Design – an every day fashion, design, DIY and lifestyle blog! I’ll be a senior in college this upcoming Fall and I’m majoring in marketing, but I plan on going to design school after graduating to become an interior designer. I love blogging and meeting new people so feel free to contact me!!

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  I am a high school English teacher living in Kansas City, dreaming about the day when I have a Disney World Vacation Property 🙂 I love to read, watch Netflix, and drink peach Margaritas. My blog, The Felicity Jar, is a lifestyle blog about life, love, food, travel, and all things Disney.