Instagram Follow and Unfollow Method

  I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to write this post but I knew I had to share my thoughts on this topic. A few weeks ago I purchased the Instagram Decoded Guides from InstaReveleaed. I know that some of you have purchased these guides as well and have said so many good things about it, which is why I purchased myself. Now keep in mind this Instagram Decoded Guide(s) was $149.99. I wanted to learn more about how to grow my Instagram. 

January Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2017 is finally here. Hope you all had a lovely New Year’s weekend. We pretty much went out to dinner and watched the ball drop because we had the boys. Plus we had to wake up the next day to go Sing. If you have kids, go see this movie. It was so cute and funny. Was also sad when we had to take down the Christmas decorations.  Now that we are starting a new year I did share with you last week what my goals were for 2017 but today is all about my January Goals. Let’s take a look back at December Goals and see how I did. 

2016 JM Reader Survey

You guys the year is coming to an end in less than 2 months. I’ve never really done this before but I really want your feedback on my blog. I want to make sure that in 2017 I’m doing my best not only for myself but for my readers; to make sure that you guys are enjoying coming to my blog.  As you know I’m truly passionate about what I write on my blog. I love to give you my 100% authenticity and honest opinion about what I share. I am also trying to incorporate more lifestyle posts into my blog so any suggestions on what kind of lifestyle posts you would like to see will help me. 

Simply Yours Day Planner + Giveaway

Disclosure Bailey Craft Planners has been provided in consideration for a review. This is not a sponsored post. Let’s talk about the Simply Yours Day Planner. I’m a huge lover of planners. I have been looking for a planner for a while now that best suits me. I’m a mom and a blogger, so I sometimes have a busy life. Yes I love to use my iPhone calendar to remind me of appointments but when it comes to my blog its hard to do anything on your phone to keep track of these things. 

February Favorites

Happy Monday dolls. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. We had warm weather this weekend so we definitely took advantage of it. Although I woke up feeling crap on Sunday we’d still managed to have a good weekend.  As always at the end of the month I like to share my favorite posts, recipe, beauty products and books. So here are my February Favorites. 

January Favorites

Happy Friday loves! Can you believe it… It’s the last Friday of January. Who’s excited for February? RAISE MY HAND! I’m so ready for the month of February because of Valentine’s Day. I love it.  Today’s post is all about my January Favorites I’ll be doing a recap of blog posts, instagram images, and my sponsors posts. 

Beauty Instagram Accounts to Follow

Last year I shared with you Instagram Accounts that I get inspiration from. I love looking at pretty pictures and getting inspired by others on what to post. Lately for me it’s been beauty accounts. When I’m on Instagram I get completely hooked and attached sometimes I find myself spending my time on there liking/commenting on beauty accounts.  Being a beauty blogger and having an addiction to makeup looking at other beauty bloggers gives me the inspiration I need to continue to do what I love. So here are my Beauty Instagram Accounts to Follow. 

Christmas Gift Swap Reveal Link Up

This year Alexis and I hosted our very first Bloggers Christmas Gift Swap today we are doing the Christmas Gift Swap Reveal link up. The Christmas Swap was designed to match up bloggers with similar interest and have them get to know each other a little better. Once the partners got to know each other, they were to send a gift up to $20. Doing gift swaps, is a great way to form friendship and that’s what the blogging community is made up of. I was partnered with Chelsea from Inspirational Indulgence. Can I just say how excited I was to see that I was partnered with her not only because I love her blog or the fact that I’m Facebook friends with her but because she’s truly one of my favorites. All her blog posts are so inspiring and everyone should be reading her blog.