Healthy Choices – Change A Meal

You know that saying “New Year, New Me”. Yeah no that’s not me but one thing I do want to change this year is the choices I make when it comes to eating. I have to be honest with you I hate working out because I can’t stand the feeling of sweating BUT that’s all changing this year. New Year, New Routine!

Rustic Souls

Happy Sunday beauties.  Today I want to share with you an amazing jewelry site called Rustic-Souls. They’re one of a kind handmade jewelry, accessories and more. I decided to join this campaign because I feel like these pieces are so unique that you can’t find them anywhere else.  Think of it like they’re making a special unique piece just for you! 


  Happy to announce that I’m a sponsor and the “It Girl” for Rocksbox.  What is Rocksbox?  It’s an online store that partners you with a stylist to meet your jewelry needs/style. You can join for $19/month but if you use promo code: classysassyxoxo you can get your first month FREE.  ***You have the option to keep the jewelry at a discounted price OR you can return it (they have a shipping label in the box) and continue to get more jewelry.***   First Photo: Kendra Scott necklace and Perry Street earrings Second Photo: a.v. max necklace I loved my first set of Rocksbox and I can’t wait to get a new set. Remember if you plan to sign up use promo code: classysassyxoxo  Which piece is your favorite? 

Summer Sleep Essentials

Summer is already here and it’s time to find ways to lighten up your home especially your bedroom. Who loves a hot or dark bedroom anyways? I know I don’t. So today I’m going to share with you some essentials to lighten up your room. Some of my favorite items to lighten or cool up my room are:  Duvet Covers // Light weight duvet covers (comforters) is perfect for the summer. I hate to say it but I can’t sleep without one. I think if you have bright colors such as white, ash, or mint are perfect to keeping your bedroom.  Sheets // I love a soft and silky bed sheets for my bed. Being able to lay down after a long day on cool bed sheets with your duvet and a good book to read is such a perfect way to unwind and relax.  I love having my room smell delicious. A good candle is always great in the bedroom to unwind and relax. It’s been said that lavender candles ease anxiety and insomnia which is perfect for me since I suffer from both and having a candle in my room is so soothing for me. I have to sleep…

#CoffeeMyWay | Morning Routine

TGIF! Today I’m teaming up with for their #CoffeeMyWay Campaign and were going to talk about our morning routine. Are yours busy, crazy, hectic or calm? Mine are always busy. I wake up. Brush my teeth. Get my boys up/fed and get Rylan ready for school. Take Rylan to school. Come home make coffee, sit down in my bed with my laptop, turn the tv on, check emails, promote blog post, and start reading blogs while my youngest is in the living room watching his tv shows. I seriously can’t start my day without drinking coffee and since I don’t have a coffee maker at home so I have to warm up some water so I can use the Folgers Instant coffee, add my favorite creamer and 4 tsp of sugars. I love my coffee sweet. Am I the only one who drinks out of their favorite mug? Cause I do. I feel like I can’t enjoy my coffee as much as I would in my favorite mug. How do you enjoy your coffee? Do you sit down on your cozy couch/bed? On the go? I want to know. Share it with the #CoffeeMyWay. I’m givingaway an IN-Post Ad right…