Let’s Talk Hair Products

Today I’m sharing with you the hair products I’m currently using. I have a mixture of thin & curly hair. In the summer it gets frizzy a lot. Besides that I’m rocking the blonde ombrè. So I always have to make sure I treat my hair well.  

HASK Beauty

Disclosure a product was received to review. All opinions are my own.  I had the pleasure to be contacted by HASK Beauty products. They found me via Instagram. They asked me if they could send me their Almond Oil Thickening products. I of course said yes because I mean c’mon who wouldn’t want to try out new beauty products. I have extremely thin hair ever since I gave birth to Landon. I lost a lot of hair and it sucked. THANK YOU HORMONES! I have tried every single hair product from L’Oreal, Tresemmé, Head & Shoulders, Garnier Frutis and Pantene, you name it. I can never get my hair to go back to the thickness that I once had. HASK Almond Oil Shampoo/Conditioner has this mint scent and cool feel when it goes on your hair/scalp. It literally felt refreshing and clean. I’m not going to lie my best friends and I tried it and we all said the same thing “my hair feels minty clean” lol When I sprayed the Root Thickening Spray and blow dried my hair, my hair legit felt so much different than all the other products I’ve used. I’m not kidding you guys this hair…