Fall Fashion Staples

You guys have no idea how ready I am for Wisconsin to get back into the Fall weather. This past week it’s been in the high 80’s and I wasn’t too happy about that because the week before that we literally had 60-degree weather. Like mother nature turned on the heat on us again. NOT COOL! Fall is by far my favorite season. I just love everything about it from the candles, decorations, weather, all things pumpkin, Halloween and of course fashion. This week I am showing you guys, my must-have Fall Fashion Staples. 

Comfy Shoes with Koolaburra by UGG

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Koolaburra. All opinions and results expressed in this article are 100% my own. How many of you have house rules at home? Growing up my mom was always on us about making sure we took our shoes off as soon as we walked into the house. Reasons for this was because she didn’t like her carpets dirty or seeing dirt in the house. When I got my own place with my boys – that rule became a rule in our home. Funny how that works. I realized that by doing this it really does keep our place clean. 

American Flag Shorts

During this time of the year, Target is the best place to shop for American Flag Shorts or anything that has the American Flag. I swear Target takes my money every time I go in there because they have the cutest clothes. When it comes to shorts I’m extremely picky because I am short, I have a butt and curves. I saw these at Target and I had to pick them up because they are perfect for 4th of July. Plus they are high waisted shorts and although I always have the hardest time with high waisted shorts because some of them show your cheeks. I was lucky enough to find a pair that didn’t.

Striped Off Shoulder Tie Cuff Blouse

Last week I shared with you an affordable Fourth of July look but I promise this isn’t another holiday outfit. If you guys read my post last week I purchased a few items from SheIn. If you’re unfamiliar with SheIn – it’s basically an international online shop that sells affordable clothes. I was told about this shop through my friend Steffanie from Brighter Darling and I was immediately impressed by the price of the clothes. But there’s a difference when you look at the price and the quality of the clothes. 

Summer Beauty & Fashion Must-Haves

Now that we’re full blown summer weather, I’m collaborating with my blog bestie Alexis from A Blissful Haven to share with you, our Summer Beauty and Fashion Must-Haves. We rounded up our favorite beauty and fashion items. With it being warm out I’m sure you want to know what are great beauty products to use this summer and what fashion trends are in or are our favorite trends. When it comes to beauty in the summer I like to keep it very minimal. The fewer products I have to put on, the better because I have oily skin and I hate when I feel sweaty with a bunch of beauty products on. 

Fourth of July Fashion

We are literally days away from Fourth of July. Can you believe it? I’m teaming up with Steffanie from Brighter, Darling to give you some Fourth of July fashion inspiration. Now in Wisconsin, it gets REALLY hot and muggy during the day on Fourth of July. But at night when you’re watching the fireworks by the lake, the mosquitos can be a big pain and it can get a tad bit nippy. For me, I love to make sure I’m covered as much as possible because I’m allergic to mosquitos. Yes I know, it’s weird but my body reacts differently when I get bit by one. 

Summer Date Night Dress

As the boys are getting ready to be with their dad for the majority of the summer, Brian and I have plans to take full advantage of the time we have to do as many things together. Recently I shared all about our summer bucket list and one of the things on our summer bucket list is to definitely go out on a date(s). There are so many great places in our city (or outside of our city) that we haven’t tried and maybe we will take that risk and try them out. We LOVE to eat, it’s no lie. But one of the things that I love about date nights, is being able to get dressed up and pretty. I like taking that time to actually pick out an outfit or dress. And since it’s summer; my go-to dresses are definitely maxi dresses. 

How to Be Queen of Confidence

Many of you know that I’ve started this journey with blogging almost 3 years ago and it was all about beauty. But this year I decided to expand my niche to fashion. I use to work retail and I loved every minute of it because of the cute clothes I was able to purchase before anyone else would. But when I started my blog I didn’t think that I had the confidence to post photos of myself in my favorite clothing because I was lacking that confidence.