What I Learned from This Photoshoot

Photo Credit: Hart & Photography I’ve never been that person or blogger to ever feel comfortable or confident when it came to being photographed in public. I’ve always felt award, uncomfortable or have zero confidence in myself. But after this weekend’s photoshoot with my friend, I felt very inspired and confident. At first, when we started to take photos we were outside and doing them in front of people in the middle of the busiest parts of Downtown Madison. 

Top 10 Apps I Use on My iPhone

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you all my favorite apps on my iPhone. I feel like I should do something like this every few months to keep you updated on apps that I love that could be beneficial for you. I don’t know about you but I’m nosy sometimes and I love seeing what other bloggers love as far as apps on their phone especially when it comes to blogging. 

Keeping My Teeth White with Pop Smile

Ever since I got my braces off and whitening your teeth became the thing to do. I’ve always been told I have a great smile since I had my braces off in high school, so I knew that keeping my teeth white was MUST for me. I’ve tried drugstore whitening products but of course, those made my teeth hurt after a while of using them. Which is not good at all. I’ve been testing out the Pop Smile whitening kit for a few days now and I have to say I’m quite impressed by the kit. 

February Goals

It’s the month of love or should I say red and pink colors. I just love the month of February because of all the pink and red colors plus candy. I’m also excited to have my hair done this month. I’m going for a pink baylage which is new for me. Never done anything like this before. Because it’s a new month, I’m sharing with you my February goals but first let’s recap January. 

Healthy Choices – Change A Meal

You know that saying “New Year, New Me”. Yeah no that’s not me but one thing I do want to change this year is the choices I make when it comes to eating. I have to be honest with you I hate working out because I can’t stand the feeling of sweating BUT that’s all changing this year. New Year, New Routine!

2017 Goals

New Year means new resolutions. I’m sure we’re all writing down what our New Year resolutions are going to be in 2017 but how many of you can honestly say you followed through with your 2016 resolutions? I can honestly say I didn’t. I failed at them. Today I’m going to look back at my 2016 goals and share with you my 2017 goals. 

2016: A Year In Review

Well guys, Christmas is over (insert heartbroken emoji). Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas weekend. I can’t believe that its over and now we have to wait 365 until Christmas. But on another note we have 5 days until 2017. With that being said today’s post is all about “2016: A Year In Review”; personal and blog related.  Also have you noticed that I got a face lift on the blog. I wanted to bring in the new year with a bright look since I can see my future looking bright. 

Christmas Gifts with Thoughtfully

One of my favorite things about Christmas is definitely any kitchen gift sets I receive from my parents. I love to bake a lot, whether it’s: cookies, brownies, pies, cakes, cupcakes and any other delicious treats. So when I received this amazing and cute gift set from Thoughtfully, I was so excited to start baking.  Not sure what Thoughtfully is! I’m here to tell you all about this cute online shop.