Mango Orange Frozen Margarita

  Summer drinks are always my favorite thing about summer. There’s something about a good frozen drink on a hot summer day. If you’re like me, I love a good frozen margarita. Great way to mix your favorite fruits with tequila and blend it all together. Now before summer ends, I wanted to share with you a quick and easy fun margarita that you can make. 

Easy Meals with HelloFresh

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by HelloFresh. All opinions and results expressed in this article are 100% my own. Being a busy mom sometimes I don’t have time to go to the grocery store, especially with my boy’s baseball schedule. And when we don’t have the kids we’re always trying to figure out what we want to eat. Sometimes looking up meal ideas on Pinterest isn’t easy because you find something but that means you have to go out and get the ingredients. Let’s be honest here sometimes we’re too lazy to even do that and I hate having to result in having my local pizza place deliver our favorite pizza. And I LOVE to cook. Well, what if I told you that can easily change by having actual healthy and fresh meals delivered to your front door for you to cook at home.

Chocolate Lasagna

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WhatMattersToU #CollectiveBias Let’s talk about Aunt Flo. Yes we’re going there today. Let’s be real here we all get it. It’s the one week out of the month where we’re completely miserable and uncomfortable. The bloating, cramps and basically you’re hormonal. Luckily for Brian he’s able to handle it. Even when I’m being snappy and mean. I’m sure other mom’s out there can relate when you have kids to look after.  The best way for me to enjoy a little bit of “me time” is by making my favorite chocolate dessert. If you’re like me, I crave chocolate like A LOT. I like to stock up on my favorite chocolate candies plus get the ingredients to my favorite Chocolate Lasagna dessert. 

Oven Baked Parmesan Garlic and Herb Wedges

  Today I’m sharing with you, my Oven Baked Parmesan Garlic and Herb Wedges. These are seriously delicious and quite dangerous because I couldn’t stop eating them. If you don’t know or haven’t noticed I love carbs and potatoes are my favorite food.  I was craving wedges the other day that what triggered me to make these; Oven Baked Parmesan Garlic and Herb Wedges. Plus I didn’t want to go out and get some greasy fries. Let’s just say my oldest loved them so much that he even said “These are better than McDonald fries”. 

Coconut Mojito

  Who loves a delicious refreshing drink? Especially a cocktail one! Well I had a few people over at my house two Saturday’s ago and I made a delicious Coconut Mojito. It was so delicious and a huge hit. We couldn’t stop drinking them. We probably made like 3 pitchers. Of course I was asked about what ingredients I used to make this since not all mojitos are done the same way. Some people like to use tequila or rum. I like to use rum.  So today I’m sharing with you my version of Coconut Mojito. 

Bacon Mac’n Cheese (Penne Version)

A while back I shared this picture of this delicious Bacon Mac’n Cheese (Penne Version) on my Instagram account. A lot of you asked about the recipe because it looked so good (which it is). It’s seriously one of our favorite meals at home. Plus bacon goes great with anything.  I know there’s a lot of different ways people do mac’n cheese and that’s fine because I also like to switch it up. But here’s my Bacon Mac’n Cheese (Penne Version). 

Pan Seared Scallops with Brown Butter Sauce

On Valentine’s Day, Brian and I decided to make dinner at home since we had my boys and make dinner. We decided we wanted to make dinner that was something new. I’ve had scallops before at restaurants but not the way I made them. This was nutty and so delicious.  I was asked about the recipe and what I had included and today I’m going to share with you this delicious recipe that is so simple to do. 

Banana and Blueberry Smoothie

New year means new eating ways. Well at least trying to. Brian and I have been trying to replace a meal during the day with a healthy smoothie. When I first decided to do this was when my doctor told me my anemia wasn’t getting any better. If you’re not aware I have “Chronic Anemia”.