Mango Orange Frozen Margarita

  Summer drinks are always my favorite thing about summer. There’s something about a good frozen drink on a hot summer day. If you’re like me, I love a good frozen margarita. Great way to mix your favorite fruits with tequila and blend it all together. Now before summer ends, I wanted to share with you a quick and easy fun margarita that you can make. 

Coconut Mojito

  Who loves a delicious refreshing drink? Especially a cocktail one! Well I had a few people over at my house two Saturday’s ago and I made a delicious Coconut Mojito. It was so delicious and a huge hit. We couldn’t stop drinking them. We probably made like 3 pitchers. Of course I was asked about what ingredients I used to make this since not all mojitos are done the same way. Some people like to use tequila or rum. I like to use rum.  So today I’m sharing with you my version of Coconut Mojito. 

Banana and Blueberry Smoothie

New year means new eating ways. Well at least trying to. Brian and I have been trying to replace a meal during the day with a healthy smoothie. When I first decided to do this was when my doctor told me my anemia wasn’t getting any better. If you’re not aware I have “Chronic Anemia”.

Oreo Milkshake

How many of you love Oreo’s? How about Milkshake? Well what if I told you I combined the both! I’m sharing with you today a delicious and easy Oreo Milkshake recipe that’s will help your sweet tooth.  So today’s post doesn’t really need a recipe.  I mean, I’ve included one just for the sake of including one, but it’s really just 3 ingredients.  Oreos, vanilla ice cream and milk.  No matter how you do it, these Oreo Milkshakes are a classic American treat! I grew up drinking Oreo milkshakes and now I’m sharing this delicious milkshake with my boys. It’s perfect for the summer.  CHECK OUT THIS MONTHS SPONSOR: