NYX Cosmetics Total Control Foundation

I’ve been testing out the NYX Cosmetics Total Control Foundation for a few weeks now. I decided to get it because I’ve heard great things about it from my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. As someone who has oily skin, I wanted to see if this held up the test on my skin. I like a good matte foundation and matte finish when it comes to makeup looks. I’ve never used a foundation that came in droppers so this was fairly new to me.  

Rimmel London | Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour

You guys know that I LOVE matte lipsticks. I’m just not that big of a fan of gloss. Only because some of them are sticky. When Rimmel London sent me a few shades of their Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour, I was excited to see how well these were on my lips. Some matte liquid lipsticks can be over-drying on the lips, especially mine because I have dry lips as is. So that can be very uncomfortable to wear. 

Urban Decay Naked Heat Collection

I’m going, to be honest with you, the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette was in my Ulta cart when it came out and right before I purchased it, I received this in my mailbox. I was NOT expecting Urban Decay to send me a PR package of their Naked Heat Collection. I literally screamed like a little girl when I opened the package. Of course, I had to play around with this palette for a while before sharing my input on this palette because there have been SO MANY mixed reviews out there but I wanted to share my opinion. 

PUR Cosmetics – Soiree Diaries

This post has been a long time coming. I received the Soiree Diaries palette from PUR Cosmetics a few weeks ago and I was extremely in love the packaging. I mean how cute is this marble packaging with the rose gold lettering. Two of my favorite things. Besides the packaging being so pretty, so are the colors inside. I’m a huge fan of dark and warm tone shades. And that’s what this palette has. 


Do you guys remember a while back when I was sent the HAIRFINITY products? Well, when I got my first package from them I was so curious to see if these products truly helped with reducing hair breakage and strengthening your hair. Let me tell you something first, I don’t promote anything that I don’t think actually works and with these types of products that claim to do something, it’s really hard to prove to someone that it can because products may or may not work for you. 

Colorescience Beauty On The Go

A few weeks ago I had received the Colorescience Beauty On The Go palette. I was so starstruck by the colors of the shades in the palette but even more surprised by how versatile this palette is. I’ve never tried mineral formula products before, especially eyeshadows. I’ve used a few Colorescience products such as their bronze primer, whipped mineral sunscreen, sunforgettable brush on sunscreen, and tint du Soleil whipped sunscreen. What I love about Colorescience is that their products are meant to protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays. 

e.l.f Cosmetics Blush Palette

e.l.f Cosmetics has been around for a while now and their products have either been a hit or miss. I have always been skeptical when it came to their products because it was so cheap for being a drugstore brand. And when I say their products I mean their makeup products. I’ve never had issues with their makeup brushes. I remember when I first tried their foundation and it wasn’t the best. I really hated it. But it seems like e.l.f Cosmetics has improved their some of their products. I received this blush palette in a PR package as part of the #ElfBeautySquad and I was so excited to see how pigmented these colors were. 

After Shower Hydration with Curél

Disclosure: Some links in this post are affiliate links and I may make a small commission if you click them and make a purchase. I know that I’m talking a lot about dry skin and the only reason it’s because I have been finding great products to use to help me with my dry skin. And if you come to my blog for skin care or beauty tips, that’s what I want. I want you to be able to find anything I share on here beneficial to you! Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer has been a godsend since I received these from Curél.