Nomad Cosmetics Review + Makeup Look

I’m so excited to be talking to you about a makeup brand that I’ve been testing out for a few weeks now. It’s called Nomad Cosmetics, they are a fairly new makeup brand. It was influenced by three core ideals: exploration for beauty, passion for experiences and desire for authenticity. Each of their shades is named after local landmarks and characteristics of their destinations. 

Instagram Follow and Unfollow Method

  I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I wanted to write this post but I knew I had to share my thoughts on this topic. A few weeks ago I purchased the Instagram Decoded Guides from InstaReveleaed. I know that some of you have purchased these guides as well and have said so many good things about it, which is why I purchased myself. Now keep in mind this Instagram Decoded Guide(s) was $149.99. I wanted to learn more about how to grow my Instagram. 

3 Looks with Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

Today I’m collaborating with Kendra from Citizens of Beauty.We wanted to do 3 different eye looks using the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. If you’re not sure who she is, well she’s a mom, makeup artist and beauty blogger. I’ve gotten to know Kendra through comment pods and I’m a huge fan of her work.  I have, to be honest with you, I got this palette from my dad 2 Christmas ago and I haven’t used this palette as much as I would have loved to, so I’m really happy that we both agreed to use this palette. I’m a huge fan of smokey eye looks. 

Bonvivant Botanical Rainbow Masks

Back at it again with a skincare review, this time it’s all about rainbow masking. I have been trying these masks from Bonvivant Botanical Memebox for a while now and honestly before I received these I didn’t know what rainbow masking was. If you’re unfamiliar with rainbow masking it’s basically where you can apply 3 different types of masks on your face for different skincare reasons. 

Healthy Choices – Change A Meal

You know that saying “New Year, New Me”. Yeah no that’s not me but one thing I do want to change this year is the choices I make when it comes to eating. I have to be honest with you I hate working out because I can’t stand the feeling of sweating BUT that’s all changing this year. New Year, New Routine!

All Drugstore Makeup Look

You guys one of my goals this year was to collaborate with many bloggers. Today I’m collaborating with Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick and Stilettos. I’ve been friends with Lindsay for a year now and I completely love her blog style and the fact that she’s beauty addict like myself. We wanted to create a makeup look today for you that was all DRUGSTORE! Yes you read that right. It’s an “all drugstore makeup look”. 

BioClarity Skincare Review

During the month of festivities I will admit that I was eating a lot of food especially sweets and there were a few times where we had to eat fast food because we were so busy, so my skin decided to break out badly. Like I’m not use to having my skin breakout this bad. We usually don’t eat out because I prefer to cook and my skin definitely didn’t agree with it. 

January Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2017 is finally here. Hope you all had a lovely New Year’s weekend. We pretty much went out to dinner and watched the ball drop because we had the boys. Plus we had to wake up the next day to go Sing. If you have kids, go see this movie. It was so cute and funny. Was also sad when we had to take down the Christmas decorations.  Now that we are starting a new year I did share with you last week what my goals were for 2017 but today is all about my January Goals. Let’s take a look back at December Goals and see how I did.