Sponsor Spotlight | Girl Talk

Everyone welcome Ashley from Girl Talk to my blog. I had the pleasure to interview her so you guys can get to know her better. Me: What inspired you to start your blog? Ashley: In high school I was Co-Editor on the Yearbook staff my Junior and Senior years and I was also on the Newspaper staff my Senior year; I have always loved writing and thought when I went to college that is what I would get my degree in. My dream was to work for a magazine company writing useful columns. Basically I wanted to be Andie from “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.Well college came and I graduated with a degree in Communications, not the Journalism degree I thought I would have. I left college wanting to be an Event Planner. I had already had an internship with one company and was on the search to seeking a full time job with some others. Well that dream didn’t work out either. I am now working for my dads company doing the marketing and anything else I am asked of and when I first started I thought back to how 4 years ago I had this…

Makeup Revolution | Welcome to Pleasuredome

Makeup Revolution will be appearing on my blog in the few days. I have purchased a few of their eyeshadow palettes and I just have to share with you guys. So first thing I noticed when I received my package is that Makeup Revolution definitely makes sure that your items are safely secured. All of my palettes were wrapped up in bubble wrap on top of bubble wrap. Although it came internationally none of my items were ruined at all. When I opened the eyeshadow palettes I noticed that they were in their boxes (see above). Loved that. The palette is a nice slick case. The only downfall is that my palette came with their double ended spongy applicator and that’s not okay. Does anyone even use that anymore? I sure don’t. The palette comes with 18 Exclusive eyeshadows for $8.99 USD. 12 Shimmery and 6 Matte colors. It’s very pigmented so little application goes long ways. (Top to Bottom) Welcome To Pleasure Dome Xanadu Moving On Where Lovers Roam Jungle Call Moving At Million Miles An Hour What A Push Over Long Way From Home Diamond By The Shower   (Top to Bottom) Using My Power You Really Can’t…

Kardashian Sun Kissed Tanner

Let’s talk Kardashians. No I don’t mean their drama or what’s going on in their lives but the Kardashian Sun Kissed self tanner. I bought this at Ulta which I figured I could go ahead and try since I’ve been using Tanwise from Sally’s Beauty Supplies. It was $19.99 so I figured why not.

Monday Coffee Talk

Good Morning dolls. This weekend I had to say goodbye to my little ones since they’re off with their dad for 3 weeks. I won’t see them until the second week of July. Seriously heartbreaking. But with this free time I definitely plan to make the best of it. Especially for my blog. Here are my goals for this week: ONE // May’s Beauty Favorite vlog – Definitely plan to share with you in a vlog all of my favorite beauty products from May. I’ve been dying to work on this video since it’s the best way to share with you guys. TWO // Makeup Revolution Swatches Posts – If you saw on Instagram I have FINALLY received my eyeshadow palettes from Makeup Revolution that took literally 3 weeks to get. Damn international shipping. Lol THREE // Start posting videos on Instagram of a “Mini Get Ready with Me”. It’ll showcase how I do my makeup. So those are my goals for this week. In other news… Courtney and I will be hosting our very own #SYBLChat on Twitter. It’s going to be on Wednesday. This week we’re going to be talking about Father’s. Hope you join us. CHECK OUT…

Summer Reads

There’s nothing I like more then being in the sun, getting my tan on and reading a good book and with the boys leaving on Sunday for majority of the summer, I definitely plan on catching up on some reading. I have a list of books I want to read this summer but the books I really want to accomplish reading this summer are these books. Where She Went by Gayle Forman Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins Big Littles Lies by Liane Moriarty Yes Please by Amy Poehler It’s a huge list but I’m sure I will get some of them done. What’s on your list this summer? CHECK OUT THIS MONTH’S SPONSOR:  

HASK Beauty

Disclosure a product was received to review. All opinions are my own.  I had the pleasure to be contacted by HASK Beauty products. They found me via Instagram. They asked me if they could send me their Almond Oil Thickening products. I of course said yes because I mean c’mon who wouldn’t want to try out new beauty products. I have extremely thin hair ever since I gave birth to Landon. I lost a lot of hair and it sucked. THANK YOU HORMONES! I have tried every single hair product from L’Oreal, Tresemmé, Head & Shoulders, Garnier Frutis and Pantene, you name it. I can never get my hair to go back to the thickness that I once had. HASK Almond Oil Shampoo/Conditioner has this mint scent and cool feel when it goes on your hair/scalp. It literally felt refreshing and clean. I’m not going to lie my best friends and I tried it and we all said the same thing “my hair feels minty clean” lol When I sprayed the Root Thickening Spray and blow dried my hair, my hair legit felt so much different than all the other products I’ve used. I’m not kidding you guys this hair…

Blog Business Cards | Tutorials

Once you have selected the size you need you’ll get this blank canvas. Here is where you will design what you want your card to look. Keep in mind you need to create two images (front & back). This is what mine looks like.   I had to block out my number because I don’t need my personal telephone number out in the world lol Once you have both images you want to upload it to VistaPrint & order your cards. Seems simple right? I can’t wait to order my cards. Definitely planning to make some as well for my makeup company. CHECK OUT THIS MONTH’S SPONSOR: