Sponsor Spotlight | Pharr Away

Meet Nicole Pharr Away This is Nicole and she’s mommy behind Pharr Away. 1. Describe your blog and why did you start blogging? Pharr Away blog is a resource for couples, parents, health enthusiasts and creatives.  I initially started my blog, three years ago, to document my life as a new mother, wife, homeowner and stay at home mom.  After being at home for eighteen months I rejoined the work force.  I currently discuss my adventures as a working mom who strives to maintain a work-life balance (as if it truly exists).   2. What are things you have learned from blogging? I’ve learned that I have a voice and that there are people out there that actually care about what I have to say.  I’ve learned to strive for my dreams, to take a few risks and to spend more time doing things that I’m passionate about. Lastly, I’ve learned that there is nothing like community. I enjoy the friendships I’ve made through my platform and I look forward to developing fruitful partnerships with others as I continue to grow.   3. Do you set goals for your blog? If so, do you mind sharing some of those goals?   Yes, I’ve…

Kardashian Touch Tones | Echo

  I bit the bullet and purchased the Kardashian Beauty Touch Tones Gradient Eyeshadow at Ulta. I’ve always been so hesitant about it because I haven’t seen anyone really buy it but I figured I would try it out. I decided to get the color “Echo” because that was pretty much the only one left at Ulta. It was only $9.99+ Tax. I’d say it was a bargain considering the amount of shades you’re getting.     The shades are beautiful and not so dramatic. That’s what I like. As you can see below the shades aren’t so harsh and the colors seem.   Have you guys tried out the Kardashian Beauty collection? CHECK OUT THIS MONTH’S SPONSOR:    

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Last week I decided to do a little shopping and purchase two of the Sally Hansen – Miracle Gel at Target. I wanted to test them out to see if they were really good products since I didn’t want to have to spend money on a UV Light Kit for the gel nail polish. I must say I was really impressed by how quick the nail polish dried and I only needed to apply two coats and then apply a coat of the “top coat”. I had no issues with chipping, peeling or anything. My nails felt strong and not brittle like most regular nail polish feels. It lasted a week on my nails because I like to change my nail color every week. Sally Hansen has a pretty good collection (45 different shades to be exact) on the Miracle Gel Polish which you could find at your local drugstore. I purchased two colors + the top coat. Pink Cadillaquer All Chalked Up  Each nail polish color is $7.99 at Target. I’d say that’s a deal considering the Gel Nail Polish that require UV Light are little more than that. Have you tried the Mircale Gel? CHECK OUT THIS MONTH’S SPONSOR:…

Sponsor Spotlight | Your Friend Brittany

Meet Brittany Your Friend Brittany This is Brittany and she’s gorgeous gal behind “Your Friend Brittany”. If you haven’t read her blog yet… you’re missing out. 1. Describe your blog and why did you start blogging? Your Friend, Brittany is a lifestyle blog where (I hope) people will stop by and find something fun, enlightening, and/or interesting to read. My idea was to have a space where it was more like chatting with friends about everything from books, to life as a brand new 30 something, to current events, to my love of reality TV. I have always been a fan of the idea of having a space to ramble and I have always had an opinion. I found that social media wasn’t always the place to share those opinions and ramblings so in 2011 I started my first blog. That blog was a bit all over the place but eventually I turned it into a space I really loved and enjoyed on Tumblr; after a while I decided I needed a break and took all of 2014 off from writing and turned my Tumblr blog (BritBritLand) into a fashion/streetstyle blog only. After a year off I started missing blogging…

Soft Purple Smokey Eye

Victoria Secret Uptown Glam // L’Oreal Voluminous Manga // Maybelline Gel Liner // E.L.F Angled Brush // Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade // Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeliner/Brow Brush //  Crown Brush Shadow + Crease Brush // Pink Pro Eyeshadow Blender Brush     I really like how this turned out. I haven’t used this palette since I got it as a Christmas present 2 years ago from one of my best friends. It’s soft and not too dramatic. One item that is not included in this picture is the Maybelline lighter purple color I used for my inner eyes for brightness. What do you guys think? CHECK OUT THIS MONTH’S SPONSOR:  

Night-Time Routine

Let’s talk about our night time routine and I’m not talking about things you do before but what you do for your face before bed. I’m going to be sharing with you THREE of my favorite products I like to use on my face. Which I have used since I’ve been wearing makeup. Neutrogena//Makeup Remover Wipes:  Best thing ever. I dislike using the liquid form of makeup remover. I feel like it always left my skin so oily, not the wipes. Plus Neutrogena has the night time calming so my face feels clean & relaxed.

Happy Mother’s Day

  Just want to wish all you beautiful moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day. Hope that you have a happy, fun, loved and blessed day. May you get everything you wished for today. Remember today is about spending the day with the ones you love. xoxo CHECK OUT THIS MONTH’S SPONSOR:  

Sponsor Spotlight | The Lady Lawyer

Meet Brittany  The Lady Lawyer This is Brittany and she’s the lady behind The Lady Lawyer blog. I had the pleasure to ask her 5 questions and here are answers. 1.Describe your blog and why did you start blogging? I started blogging because of how much I genuinely enjoyed reading other blogs. I work as an attorney and read and write all day long..but as you can imagine it’s about boring and serious issues. The blog has allowed me to really harvest my interests and passions into a creative outlet that I love! While my blog is very new I would describe it as a lifestyle blog that targets issues that young career women face. I talk about fashion and work wardrobe trends, advice such as interviewing and writing a proper thank you note, and mostly just what’s going on in my life.   2. What are some of your favorite things about blogging? Hands down my favorite and most surprising aspect of blogging that I have found are the relationships with other women bloggers I’ve already developed. I imagine the blogging world as being this intense world of cat fighting but it is so far from the opposite. I’ve…