Healthy Choices – Change A Meal

You know that saying “New Year, New Me”. Yeah no that’s not me but one thing I do want to change this year is the choices I make when it comes to eating. I have to be honest with you I hate working out because I can’t stand the feeling of sweating BUT that’s all changing this year. New Year, New Routine!

All Drugstore Makeup Look

You guys one of my goals this year was to collaborate with many bloggers. Today I’m collaborating with Lindsay from Bourbon, Lipstick and Stilettos. I’ve been friends with Lindsay for a year now and I completely love her blog style and the fact that she’s beauty addict like myself. We wanted to create a makeup look today for you that was all DRUGSTORE! Yes you read that right. It’s an “all drugstore makeup look”. 

BioClarity Skincare Review

During the month of festivities I will admit that I was eating a lot of food especially sweets and there were a few times where we had to eat fast food because we were so busy, so my skin decided to break out badly. Like I’m not use to having my skin breakout this bad. We usually don’t eat out because I prefer to cook and my skin definitely didn’t agree with it. 

January Goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2017 is finally here. Hope you all had a lovely New Year’s weekend. We pretty much went out to dinner and watched the ball drop because we had the boys. Plus we had to wake up the next day to go Sing. If you have kids, go see this movie. It was so cute and funny. Was also sad when we had to take down the Christmas decorations.  Now that we are starting a new year I did share with you last week what my goals were for 2017 but today is all about my January Goals. Let’s take a look back at December Goals and see how I did. 

VIIcode Oxygen Eye Mask

As a mom some times I have those nights where we I can’t sleep either because I have insomnia or one of my kids decides to have a sleepless night. Which of course means dark circles for mama bear. I’m not a fan of dark circles, I mean who is. You can try to cover them up with makeup but sometimes that doesn’t always work. Well today I’m going to share with you all about a great beauty product that I’ve been loving lately right before bed. 

2017 Goals

New Year means new resolutions. I’m sure we’re all writing down what our New Year resolutions are going to be in 2017 but how many of you can honestly say you followed through with your 2016 resolutions? I can honestly say I didn’t. I failed at them. Today I’m going to look back at my 2016 goals and share with you my 2017 goals. 

Beauty Mix: New Year’s Eve

You guys we are ringing in 2017 in 4 days! CRAZY. If you didn’t catch it yesterday on the blog but I did a 2016: A Year in Review. With that being said this week for the Beauty Mix is all about the New Year’s Eve look. I’m definitely a fan of New Year’s Eve makeup look because you can do WHATEVER look you want because it’s a HUGE celebration. So today I did a smokey eye using black and burgundy because I wanted to use my Urban Decay Heavy Metal (Glamrock). 

2016: A Year In Review

Well guys, Christmas is over (insert heartbroken emoji). Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas weekend. I can’t believe that its over and now we have to wait 365 until Christmas. But on another note we have 5 days until 2017. With that being said today’s post is all about “2016: A Year In Review”; personal and blog related.  Also have you noticed that I got a face lift on the blog. I wanted to bring in the new year with a bright look since I can see my future looking bright. 

Christmas Gifts with Thoughtfully

One of my favorite things about Christmas is definitely any kitchen gift sets I receive from my parents. I love to bake a lot, whether it’s: cookies, brownies, pies, cakes, cupcakes and any other delicious treats. So when I received this amazing and cute gift set from Thoughtfully, I was so excited to start baking.  Not sure what Thoughtfully is! I’m here to tell you all about this cute online shop. 

Beauty Mix: Christmas (Holiday Makeup)

5 days people! 5 days until Christmas. Are you done with your shopping? I sure ain’t. I have to finish up this week. This week for the Beauty Mix: Christmas (Holiday Makeup). I just love holiday makeup looks and this week I wanted to keep it classy, sparkly but bold with the red lipstick. I honestly believe that this look is super simple to do. The classic wing liner with the gold glitter liner above it and white sparkly shade on the crease.