Stocking Stuffers for Her

One of my favorite things to do is stuff the Christmas stockings especially for my kids because I can put little things they will enjoy in the stockings. Today I wanted to share with you great Stocking Stuffers for Her. You can do this for your sister, cousin, grandma, mom, aunt, girlfriend, best friend or any female in your life.  These products would fit perfectly in the stockings. I always ask for gift cards and chocolate when I ask for things to put in my stocking.

Christmas Traditions

You guys…..there are 10 days until Christmas. I’M SO EXCITED! My boys are constantly waking up and reminding us how many more days until Christmas. Which I can’t lie I’m ready to give them their presents. We still have a few things to get them but we will be ready to wrap and put them under the tree on the 23rd. I’m sure you guys are wondering “Well Christmas Eve is on the 24th?”. Growing up my family ALWAYS celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve meaning the whole family would get together on the 24th, we would have a big feast and then open presents. 

Beauty Mix: Sparkle

This week for the Beauty Mix it’s all about the sparkle. Some people love to wear sparkly eye looks during the holiday months and that’s what I love to do as well. I feel like when you add a bit of sparkle to your eyes, it makes everything better. So this week Ashleigh and I have decided to create a look for the holiday that included some sparkle. 

Must Watch Christmas Movies

You guys already know that Christmas is by far one of my favorite holidays. The decorations, music, family time, and of course movies. When it comes to Christmas movies it brings joy to my heart and I can literally watch it everyday. I get so excited when Freeform comes out with their “25 days of Christmas”. I love seeing people share their favorite Christmas movies, so today I’m sharing with you Must Watch Christmas Movies. 

Beauty Mix: Silver

This week for the Beauty Mix is all about the silver. Silver is starting to become a popular color right now at least when it comes to holiday looks and we definitely wanted to create a holiday look using the color silver. This is the look I came up with. A silver smokey eye. I love how bright the silver came out because of the eyeshadow base I used for it.  Now I did go with a lip gloss on this look because I never use lip gloss. I’m not a fan of it but this one I really like. It’s not sticky like other lip gloss. It’s from the brand Hikari and it’s seriously worth the purchase if you’re a lip gloss fan.

Bella and Bear Makeup Brushes

I’m very picky when it comes to makeup brushes because I like to make sure that they’re going to do what it’s suppose to do. I’ve purchase makeup brushes before that I truly hated. Last month Bella and Bear contacted me about doing a review on their brushes. First of all I’ve never heard of this brand. I mean have you? So when they told me they we’re sending me their 15 piece makeup brush set plus three of their NEWEST brushes, I was so excited to see how good these brushes were.

Green Halo Holiday Makeup

Holiday makeups are seriously my favorite ones to do. I get to be creative and play with color. Last week I shared with you a Copper Holiday Makeup and this week I bring you the Green Halo Holiday Makeup. Green is very popular during the month of December and it works perfect on any skin tone. At least I think it does. I have brown eyes so green makes eye color pop out more.  Today’s look is also in collaboration with my beautiful friend Taylor from Blonde & Ambitious. I’ve gotten to know Taylor a bit more since we’re in a couple of Instagram pods and Facebook groups. Beauty is something we definitely in common so when she mentioned to me she wanted to collaborate, I was all over it. 

December Goals

New month means new goals. I’m so excited to end this month/year with great goals. Later on this month I’ll be sharing with you my 2017 blog goals. As always we’re going to take a look at November goals and how I did and then I’ll share with you what my goals are for December.  November Goals Personal Decorate for Christmas – Yes people we decorate early because we love Christmas so much that we like to enjoy it for more than a month // We already know that I started to decorate for Christmas like the 2nd week of November lol  Start Christmas shopping // Finally started to order presents for the kids.  Do some Christmas DIY’s // If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you would know that I have done a few Christmas DIYs for my apartment. Finish reading my book // Seriously I’ve been slacking on this. Maybe because I’m so focused on the blog right now making sure that I get everything scheduled before the end of the year. Blog  Continue to schedule posts for this month  Create some YouTube tutorials for holiday makeup // Nope! Couldn’t get this done only because I never…

Copper Holiday Makeup

Happy 1st day of December. We only have 24 days until Christmas and 30 days until we ring in the new year. Crazy to think how fast this year has gone by. With it being the month of Christmas, I am going to bring you a holiday look. Now this isn’t your typical red lips or anything. I bring you the Copper Holiday Makeup look. I decided to do a cut crease with this look and do a double wing with copper glitter. 

Beauty Mix: Gold

Last week for the Beauty Mix it was all about the Thanksgiving look. This week it’s all about the gold. Gold is definitely a color you can use all year around especially during the holiday months. So Ashleigh and I decided to do gold makeup looks this week.  I decided to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette which I haven’t used in a long time and pair the eye look with a bold lip color. Even though they no longer sell the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette (at least I don’t think) I’m sure you can create this look with any gold, orange and brown shades you have. Like if you have the Morphe palettes, you’re good to go!