Prepping Your Skin for Self-Tanners

I self-tan! It’s true. I love to do it because I personally don’t like to be out in the sun for so long because I get extremely dark so quick (not that there’s anything wrong with that) BUT I also don’t like the feeling of being sweaty. Last summer I went out to the waterpark with my family and I got so dark so quick that I still have tan lines from last year. But I do love having that summer glow all year round. Because of that, I’m going to let you know how I prep my skin for self-tanners. I know that some people aren’t sure how to prep their skin for self-tanners or they don’t do these steps in order to make sure their self-tanners last. I have to express how important it is to make sure that you do these steps. 

Go To Favorite Blushes

Blushes are by far one of the hardest makeup items for me to shop because I’m extremely picky about the colors since I’m tan. Not all blush colors look good on me so I have to be careful when getting blushes. For the past few years, I’ve tried a few different shades of blushes and today I’m sharing with you, Go To Favorite Blushes. These blush palettes are mainly under $20 which is a must for me. And you’d be surprised that out of these only 1 is a high-end brand.

Pixi Beauty Collaboration with It’s Judy Time

Last week I wrote I review on one of the products I received from Pixi Beauty which was on the Double Cleanse. This week I’m doing a review and a makeup look on their collaboration with It’s Judy Time. Judy created an eyeshadow palette and lipstick palette. If you’re unfamiliar with Judy, she’s a mom of three girls. So she created this palette so it was a practical and efficient for other ladies or moms out there that don’t have time to do the whole glam.

Copper Holiday Makeup

Happy 1st day of December. We only have 24 days until Christmas and 30 days until we ring in the new year. Crazy to think how fast this year has gone by. With it being the month of Christmas, I am going to bring you a holiday look. Now this isn’t your typical red lips or anything. I bring you the Copper Holiday Makeup look. I decided to do a cut crease with this look and do a double wing with copper glitter. 

Beauty Mix: Gold

Last week for the Beauty Mix it was all about the Thanksgiving look. This week it’s all about the gold. Gold is definitely a color you can use all year around especially during the holiday months. So Ashleigh and I decided to do gold makeup looks this week.  I decided to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette which I haven’t used in a long time and pair the eye look with a bold lip color. Even though they no longer sell the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self Made palette (at least I don’t think) I’m sure you can create this look with any gold, orange and brown shades you have. Like if you have the Morphe palettes, you’re good to go!

August Beauty Favorites

      It’s that time of the month (no I’m not talking about Aunt Flo lol ) but Monthly Beauty Favorites. You know what I love about Beauty Favorites is that I get to show you all of my favorites of the month.    August Beauty Favorites:    L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte foundation: My favorite foundation to wear during the hot summers. Stays matte and it’s oil-free.    NYX Setting Powder:  A mineral finishing powder that sets your favorite look with a flawless finish; skin appears fresh and radiant throughout the day. Just a hint of color provides enough coverage to be worn over makeup or on bare moisturized skin.   Maybelline Lash Sensational:  I’m really picky when it comes to mascara. But Maybelline never fails me. I love their Sensational mascara. It’s waterproof, extra black and really extends the lashes. Even without my falsies my real eyelashes look long. Which I love so much.    Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter:  I have a huge obsession with ColourPop highlighters. When I saw that Makeup Revolution had a baked highlighter.. I had to try it out. The highlighter is so pigmented. Review on this highlighter coming this month!   E.L.F…

NYX Shine Killer & Pore Filler Primers

  I have a love hate relationships with primers. Why you ask? Well I have oily skin..which leads to my face looking shiny when I have makeup on. Certain primers work and others don’t. I will be reviewing NYX Shine Killer & Pore Filler primers.  I decided to try out the NYX Cosmetics Shine Killer ($14.00 – Regular Size).  NYX Cosmetics Claims:  Your ultimate weapon in the war on shine. Smooth it on before your favorite foundation for a fresh flawless marvelously matte look that lasts and lasts. Wear it solo too for a naturally shine-free look.  My thoughts are: This stuff works. Like I said I have really oily skin. I wash my face twice a day, use toner and moisturizer to eliminate the oils on my skin. I also use the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray to set my makeup. The primer is not sticky or thick. It feels more like a serum to be honest.  My foundation lasted longer and my oily skin seemed to be control throughout the day. Definitely recommend this if you have oily skin.  I also got the NYX Cosmetics Pore Filler ( $14.00 – Regular Size) NYX Cosmetics Claims:  Reduce the appearance of your pores…

Why It’s Important to Wash Brushes

I have so many makeup brushes but some of them I use daily or on other people when I do their makeup. I wash my brushes at least twice a week. I can’t stand seeing my brushes dirty. It’s so important to wash your makeup brushes at least once or twice a week.  Here’s why it’s important to wash your brushes…. Acne // Putting bacteria and germs back onto your face with a sticky, dusty makeup brush can aggravate underlying skin conditions like acne. If you have an open sore, pore or cracked skin, bacteria can start an infection. You’ll be swapping the infection back and forth creating a never-ending cycle of breakouts.  Changes of Color // If your makeup brushes are dirty, the intended shade will not appear on your skin as its true color. Also, blending and contouring your makeup for those dramatic effects will be difficult. You want your makeup to apply to your skin as smooth as a porcelain. Dirty makeup brushes will leave your skin spotty. Not cute.  Destroy Makeup Brushes // You may not think that leaving your brushes unclean will be bad but it is. It can destroy the bristles on your brush. Washing them leaves your brushes smooth and soft. You don’t…

July’s Beauty Favorites

    OH EM GEE!! It’s already the last day of July. Only about a month left of summer then FALL! Sorry to remind you guys of it but fall is my favorite season. With it being the last day of the month I’m rounding up all my July’s Beauty Favorites.    1. NYX Super Skinny Marker – By far my favorite liquid eyeliner. It’s waterproof and last long. Gives the wing eyes that I always want.    2. ColourPop (High Tide) Highlight – I was a little concerned about this product because you can only use it with a synthetic brush but using your fingers works just fine. I love how pigmented it is.    3. E.L.F Lip Exfoliator – I have been looking into lip exfoliators for a while now and I almost decided to make my own at home but I just don’t like doing stuff like that so I found out that E.L.F had one and for only $3. This product gently removes dry and chapped lips. It has vitamin E, shea butter, avocado, grape Jojoba oils.    4. E.L.F Translucent Powder – I use this for setting my concealer underneath my eyes (“baking”). I’ve been using…

My Everyday Brushes

  Happy Friday. The weekend is finally here. I get my boys on Sunday for two weeks this time and I can’t wait to see their cute and adorable faces. Need to start planning things to do with them while they’re here.    Anyways…Today I’m going to talk to you about my everyday brushes. These are brushes that I use constantly because I love them and I feel that they are amazing.    One // Beauty Blender – I use this to apply my foundation and concealer. This is a must have. If you don’t go get yourself one. Target has some if you don’t want to splurge on them. Before using it be sure to damp it with water otherwise your foundation is going to seep through the blender and not apply it to your face.    Two // LAB2 Blending Brush – I love this brush. I have tried other blending brushes but this one is so perfect.    Three // Real Techniques Setting Brush – Before I was using whatever brush I had that was small to apply my powder to set my concealer but this time I decided to get this brush because I’ve seen Nicole Guerriero…