I’ve worked with a quite a few brands since I’ve been blogging. I can guarantee that you’ll get what you pay for. I want to make sure that I’m giving you my best and have a great experience working with me. 

I’ll keep my prices at a reasonable amount. Prices can go up but that depends on the amount of work and time it will take. Please check out my Advertise/PR page.

 – Testimonials from Bloggers I’ve Worked With

Jasmine is the sweetest! What an awesome mama blogger to advertise with.  – Ashley from That Southern Mama

Jasmine was so great during this past month. Constant tweets(multiple times a day) for current and even old posts! I could tell she read my posts and liked what she was sharing. I will for sure sign up in the future! – Allison from Because I Said So

Working with Jasmine this past month has been great! She is so organized and makes sure to give your blog ultimate exposure. I would love to work with her again! – Sarah from Sarah Emily Blogs

Jasmine was a wonderful sponsor. Not only did she take the time to find out what I was trying to promote, but she went above and beyond. She promoted my requests and then some. I had daily social media shout outs, and I could absolutely see an increase in readers. I have suggested several other bloggers sponsoring her because I know she cares. – Melissa from The Rambling Llama

Jasmine was so great during my sponsorship! She stayed on top of my new posts and mentioned me in a TON of social media! I will definitely be sponsoring her again! – Ashley from Girl Talk Blog 

Loved working with Jasmine, she under promised and over delivered! – Chelsie from Hey There Chelsie!

Jasmine was such a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend other bloggers to sponsor her. She truly works hard to not only promote you and get your blog out there, but she’s also super sweet and easy to work with.  – Mia from The Chronicles of Chaos 

It was great sponsoring CS&S! She gave me so much exposure & I really gained more followers! Great experience! – Jenn from Crown Me in Glitter

I enjoyed my time with Jasmine on the blog. It was fun to do the featured post and to see my blog promoted. I would recommend her to anyone looking to sponsor a great blog. – Ashley from Simply Ashley Nichole

CS&S Blog has been an absolute gem from start to finish. If you’re looking to get one on one exposure for your blog and social platforms, you don’t need to go anywhere further than CS&S. – Jennifer from Modern Chic Magazine

Thank you for having T.O. & fro hang out on CS&S this past month, I enjoyed my experience, especially all of the social media love! – Mar from T.O & Fro

I received thousands of views on my ad, and quite a few clicks as compared to other bloggers! She also helped to grow my Twitter by giving me shout-outs on Twitter. I will definitely be sponsoring again! – Ariel from Keys to My Life

I loved working with Jasmin. I will definitely be sponsoring her again. She is a sweet girl and really involves you in her blog. I gained so much traffic working with her. – Yesi from Plan with Yesii

I love working with Jasmine-she always does an amazing job promoting my posts and blog. She’s attentive and always reading new posts which is helpful and appreciated. – Emelia from Dream Big & Buy the Shoes