12 Fun Things to Do This Fall With Your Teen

12 Fun Things to Do This Fall With Your Teen

12 Fun Things to Do This Fall With Your Teen

We are 27 days away until it’s officially autumn. We are huge fall lovers and as our boys get older we are finding ways to keep them entertained while also still being able to enjoy doing activities as a family. Since my boys are teens I figured I would share a few things you can do with your teen(s) this fall that won’t bore them.

12 Fun Things to Do This Fall With Your Teen

Pumpkin Patch – Teens are never too old to go to a pumpkin patch. Pumpkin patches have a lot of great activities for teens to enjoy.

If you live in Wisconsin here are a few pumpkin patches we love to go to and you can find some pumpkin patches here based in the county you live in.

Pumpkin Carving Contest – After they have picked their pumpkin at the pumpkin patch. Get messy at home and have them do a pumpkin carving contest.

Corn Maze – Take on the challenge as a family and do a corn maze.

Haunted Hay Ride – If your teen(s) loves getting scared, go on a haunted hay ride at night.

Tailgate at a High School or College Football Game – Gather your favorite tailgate items and head to a football game. Great way to cheer for your favorite team.

Fall Scenic Hike – I mean who wouldn’t love to go on a fall scenic hike and see all the beautiful tree colors.

Attend a Fall Festival – There are always a lot of fall festivals happening. Go to one and try new fall treats and drinks.

Throw a Halloween Party – Teens love to dress up and hang out with their friends, so why not throw them a fun Halloween party? They have can have spooky treats and drinks.

Go on A Spooky Ghost Tour – There are so many fun spooky ghost tours in your area or close by that you can take your teen(s) too.

Plan a Group Halloween Costume – as a family dress up as a group. It can be your favorite food, characters, or villains.

Fall Scavenger Hunt – We did this when the boys were little and they loved it. I’m sure as teens they would love to do this too.

Bonfire + S’mores – On a chilly night, turn on the fireplace or fire pit and roast marshmallows and make some smores.

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