20 Gift Ideas for Him

Not sure what to get him? I got you covered. Instead of putting together all these gift sets or the normal gift guide, I’m going to share a few gift ideas that are not only gifts but also experiences he will enjoy.


20 Gift Ideas for Him

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Some of the experiences will be similar to the Gift Guide for Her.


  1. Cruise TripVirgin Voyages is a great adult-only cruise.
  2. In-Person or Virtual Cooking Class – Sur La Table is a good option for in-person cooking. For virtual cooking classes, I would recommend The Chef & The Dish.
  3. Weekend Getaway Trip – If you’re in Wisconsin or are able to travel to Wisconsin, Anaway Place has 7 different cabins that are perfect for a weekend getaway.
  4. Make Your Own Beer Kit – If he loves beer, I think this beer kit would be an awesome gift for him.
  5. DIY Hot Sauce Kit – Another great gift for him to do.

Physical Gifts:

  1. NFL Checklist – Husband loves football? This would be a great bucket list to check off. To be able to travel to all of the NFL stadiums.
  2. MLB Checklist – Just like the NFL there’s one for MLB.
  3. Bluetooth Sunglasses – I think these are freaking awesome. Especially if they work outside, on pool or beach days.
  4. Kindle Paperwhite – Great way to store all the books and read on the go.
    1. Kindle Unlimited Subscription – It’s basically an Amazon library. Books can be read for free for $10/month (+tax). So worth it.
  5. Dime Beauty No.1 Cologne – Smells so good and fragrance manufacturing occurs in the U.S. with ethical and eco-friendly suppliers.
  6. Luggage Set – if he travels a lot. This sleek black luggage set is perfect for that.
  7. Freezable Beer Cups – Great for a cold beer.
  8. Apple Watch – duh the best watch. Not into smartwatches, but this stainless steel watch is beautiful.
  9. Headphones – These are noise canceling and I have them they’re the best. And comfortable too.
  10. Beard Smock – my husband has this and it’s legit the best thing for when he shaves or cuts his hair.
  11. Back/Neck & Shoulder Massager – This seems to be a hit for gifting.
  12. Virtual Reality – This system is becoming very popular my son even asked for it for Christmas lol.
  13. Ember Coffee Mug – Great for those who work at an office.
  14. Grilling Set – gotta have a new set of grilling utensils.
  15. Carhartt Men’s Boots – winter is here so this would be perfect.

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  1. Thank you for the ideas! I see some good things for my hubby and my brother, the DIY hot sauce kit looks interesting ?

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