July’s Beauty Favorites

July's Beauty Favs


OH EM GEE!! It’s already the last day of July. Only about a month left of summer then FALL! Sorry to remind you guys of it but fall is my favorite season. With it being the last day of the month I’m rounding up all my July’s Beauty Favorites. 
1. NYX Super Skinny Marker – By far my favorite liquid eyeliner. It’s waterproof and last long. Gives the wing eyes that I always want. 
2. ColourPop (High Tide) Highlight – I was a little concerned about this product because you can only use it with a synthetic brush but using your fingers works just fine. I love how pigmented it is. 
3. E.L.F Lip Exfoliator – I have been looking into lip exfoliators for a while now and I almost decided to make my own at home but I just don’t like doing stuff like that so I found out that E.L.F had one and for only $3. This product gently removes dry and chapped lips. It has vitamin E, shea butter, avocado, grape Jojoba oils. 
4. E.L.F Translucent Powder – I use this for setting my concealer underneath my eyes (“baking”). I’ve been using this product for quite some time now and it’s seriously the best setting powder I’ve used. 
5. Beauty Blender – I can’t get over how amazing a beauty blender is. It applies my concealer and foundation so good. I don’t even use a brush anymore. Like I said before if you don’t have one you need to get one. lol 
6. Maybelline Brow Mascara – Love using this to assure my eyebrows stay in place. I don’t use it alone. 
7. Maybelline Master Concealer – If you haven’t tried this product, go to the store and get it. I love how it conceals so perfect. It’s full coverage as well. Little amount goes long ways with this product. 
8. Master Prime Blur + Illuminate primer –  Brightens dull complexions, protects with SPF30. I love how it makes my foundation apply so perfectly and at the same time it illuminates. I have their other “Blur + Smooth”. 
9. NYX Baked Blush (Foreplay) – I was surprised when I went to ulta and saw this product was “baked” because I didn’t think they did have any baked products. The blush is pigmented and it also illuminates at the same time. Foreplay is the name of it by the way, funny I think. Lol 
These are my July beauty favorites. What are some of your favorite products for this month?
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  • Sarah Emily

    o.m.g. I loveee my beauty blender! When they first came out I thought they were super over rated but my mom bought me one and it is life changing!

    • It is life changing. I love how it leaves my foundation flawless.

  • Christina Boyer

    I can’t believe July is over!! Summer is going by way too fast. Love these picks. I think I’m going to try the E.L.F. powder. I actually just ran out of mine and I was thinking about it because I love E.L.F. but wasn’t positive if it would be good. Thanks!

  • #3!!!
    That is my holy grail product for lips. It makes them so so soft and smooth.

  • Mary La Fornara

    Your post came at the perfect time, I’m heading to Ulta today! Thanks.

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    I’m glad you’ve featured some E.L.F products because I just bought a couple of new ones – can’t beat the price!

    • I love their products and how reasonably priced it is.

  • I love the Maybelline Brow Mascara! I also have been looking for a good and inexpensive lip scrub, so I want to try that e.l.f scrub!

    • You should try it because its so much cheaper and it smells delicious. Plus I love how it leaves my lips smooth and soft.

  • You are right about that E.L.F. powder. It is perfect for setting makeup. I’ll have to check out that NYX liquid liner. I’m using the Stila waterproof one right now, but I might check try that one when I’m finished with it. I love skinny liners.

  • Mandi

    Fall is SO my favorite too <3 I'm SO excited. And I adore your makeup. Your beautiful and your makeup skills always impress me 😀 (my sisters a makeup artist, and I just didn't get that gene/talent) so I love finding tips and blogs that help me haha Thanks for sharing! Do you have any tutorials/videos? Id love a link to! Thanks!

    • Mine too. I can’t wait for Sept/Oct. Thank you so much. You’re so sweet.
      I don’t have any tutorials or videos. 🙁 I’m seriously so shy when it comes to videos. But maybe in the near future I will.

  • I want alllll the NYX blushes ever! Also, literally the only thing I don’t like about ColourPop shadows are that you have to use your fingers (or shove a brush violently into the product like I do, hahaha)… I haaaaate using my fingers for makeup so it kills me haha.

    • I’m not a fan of using my fingers either. Even though I know my hands are clean but its having to rewash my hands after using products otherwise it applies all over to your face. lol

  • I use a Real Techniques sponge that I just LOVE for foundation and concealer and I love that it’s a fraction of the price of a Beauty Blender. I like the shape of it a little better as well! I also am totally digging colourpop stuff right now. I’m so obsessed with their lippie stix and just ordered some new shadows, a high lighter and matte lipsticks. I heard that applying their highlighters works really well with a blending sponge!

    • I’m actually in need of a new sponge because I need a pointier one. Lol So real techniques is on my list.

  • Jess Rey

    I need tha skinny marker. this summer I basically gave up on eyeliner…I invested in the gel liner and I cannot seem to get it right. I love elf translucent powder…so good.

    • Gel liner is my jam. I use it a lot more than the liquid because its good with humidity. lol

  • I need a good concealer and haven’t found one I’m in love with. I’ll have to try the Maybelline one and the brow mascara too.

  • That Beauty Blender is awesome. I need to find one. So cool!

  • Gahhhh I need that lip exfoliator, mine have been so chapped this summer!

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    I love the brush on the brow mascara!

  • I love lip exfoliator! I get mine from Lush and it is the best.

  • Diana

    I am dying to try the Beauty Blender! http://www.littlemissfangirly.blogspot.com

  • I tried the Maybelline Master Prime and I liked it at first until it broke my skin out really bad. I used to use the brow setting gel too but I found it too “sharp” and painful for the brows and the round tip kind of throws me off, so I switched to the Loreal one and I think it’s a little better!

    • The joys of having sensitive skin. I’m the same way. I can’t switch from products to products otherwise my skin breaks out. Sucks.

  • I like the container of number 5! What exactly would you use this for?

    • #5 is a beauty blender you use this to apply your foundation and/or for contouring with cream products.

  • chall1018

    I love your reviews and finding new products to try! That lip exfoliator is one of my favorites. I just feel like it dries out quick. 🙁 And I will have to try that Elf powder as a setting powder!

  • I’m loving all the beauty posts from everyone this week. It’s like you all know I’m going makeup shopping tomorrow haha I’m definitely adding a few of these products to my shopping list.

  • Briana Davis

    Couldn’t live without my beauty blender either. Definitely my favorite tool for applying and blending concealer. I love your blog 🙂 Happy I found it!

    Briana @ http://www.myblessedexistence.com

  • I want to get a good foundation for my combination skin in India. Is anyone here who can suggest me?