August Beauty Favorites


August Beauty Favorites


It’s that time of the month (no I’m not talking about Aunt Flo lol ) but Monthly Beauty Favorites. You know what I love about Beauty Favorites is that I get to show you all of my favorites of the month. 
August Beauty Favorites: 
My favorite foundation to wear during the hot summers. Stays matte and it’s oil-free. 
NYX Setting Powder
A mineral finishing powder that sets your favorite look with a flawless finish; skin appears fresh and radiant throughout the day. Just a hint of color provides enough coverage to be worn over makeup or on bare moisturized skin.
I’m really picky when it comes to mascara. But Maybelline never fails me. I love their Sensational mascara. It’s waterproof, extra black and really extends the lashes. Even without my falsies my real eyelashes look long. Which I love so much. 
I have a huge obsession with ColourPop highlighters. When I saw that Makeup Revolution had a baked highlighter.. I had to try it out. The highlighter is so pigmented. Review on this highlighter coming this month!
 I have been trying to find a contouring brush that was dupe of the Nars Ita Kabuki Brush ($55) and I found it. This ELF Brush runs for $6 which is such a bargain for a brush that’s drugstore. 
This pencil has become my new favorite lip pencil. Super pigmented, soft and creamy. You know how some pencils are hard because they’re shaped like an actual pencil..these aren’t. Price: $4.99
Here are my favorites for the month August. 
What are yours? 


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  • Lindsay Katherine

    I always love and trust your beauty picks! I love Infallible foundation and want to try that lip pencil.

    • Awww thank you!! I definitely love the lip pencil. It’s my favorite.

  • Adding these to my list of products to try!

  • chall1018

    I love your beauty posts! Gives me new things to try. Question – have you ever showed on the blog what kind of false eyelashes you wear? I’m having a hard time finding some that fit.

    • Thank you so much. I haven’t yet but I can do it for this month πŸ™‚

  • I have that Elf brush but I don’t really know how I should be using it.. I tried for contouring, but I dont think I am using it right! I have heard so much about that foundation, but I can never seem to find it!

    • With the brush you basically use it to outline underneath the cheek bone but don’t do it too close to your mouth otherwise it looks like you got a 5 o’clock shadow going on lol

      Walmart, Target and Ulta carries the foundation.

  • Logan Cantrell

    I’ve seen that mascara and been meaning to try it! I will definitely add it t my list!

    • You gotta. Seriously my new favorite mascara. πŸ™‚

  • Sharon S @ Mehndificent Art

    I have Maybelline’s Last Sensation and it’s a great mascara! Definitely want to try out the highlighter. Thanks for the info!

    • You should I love that highlighter. It’s actually my go to.

  • I’m interested in that lip liner and trying out that bakes highlighter! Give me links πŸ™‚

  • I have never used a setting powder but I am going to try the NYX one. I love Maybelline mascaras, they are the best.

    • You gotta use a setting powder otherwise your makeup isn’t going to stay. :/

  • I’ve been on the hunt for a new foundation, so I’m excited to try the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte foundation you included here!

  • I love the NYX Finishing Powder! And I’ll have to try that foundation sometime. I have a horrible time finding foundations that work for my skin tone (pale…aka, white haha). Thanks for the suggestions!

    • So do I. Its definitely my go to πŸ™‚
      You are so welcome.

  • Can’t wait for your review in the highlighter!! Please keep me posted.

  • Erin @ Love Peace Beauty

    I love your picks! Would love to get my hands on that ELF brush – it’s greatly appreciated that you found us an awesome product, much cheaper!! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you!! You’re welcome. I love reasonably priced makeup/makeup brushes. πŸ™‚

  • Shann Eva

    I gotta get that lipliner and brush. Such great prices.

  • Love that they are all affordable and easily attainable….looks like I am heading to Target soon! πŸ˜‰

    • YES. Me too. I don’t like spending so much money on makeup when it’s not needed.

  • The baked powder sounds great… Will try it!

  • I want to try the mascara!

  • Love NYX have I not tried the setting powder yet?!

    • So do I. You should definitely try out the setting powder.

      • I’ll have to pick some up! Thanks Jasmine πŸ™‚

  • LOVE e.l.f. face brushes! I wash them so much and they are still as soft as when I bought them

  • Hil D

    Burt’s Bee’s is one of my fav’s!!

    • Gotta love it for them chapped lips. lo I use it excessively during the winter.

  • Diana

    I love e.l.f brushes! They are great quality brushes at a great price!

    • I don’t like all their brushes. I just like a few:)

  • I use the NYX setting powder everyday now! It works wonders on my skin.

  • I don’t have any mascara right now–you’re reminding me I need to pick one up next time I’m at the store!

  • Love how affordable these products are. I am most interested in the ELF brush. Man, ELF is really stepping up their game!

  • Oh, I’m super intrigued by that ELF brush – I need to place an order with the soon!

  • I need to invest in some good brushes… I’m doing the “one size fits all” right now, which is no good for contouring. Thanks for the tips!

    • No!!! I have so many brushes for my face. Not all brushes do everything.

  • Jess Rey

    I need to try the nude lip pencil…I love a good nude lip!

  • Lily

    Excited to see your new blog design…

    • I’m sorry I don’t think this comment was meant for mine lol πŸ™‚

  • Melissa Latimer

    I love everything you mentioned. I am still trying to get my hands on the Makeup Revolution highlight though!

  • Dude, ELF brushes are literally the I’ve recently fallen in love with them again. I need to get that brush. The NARS one was on my wishlist for a while but I just couldn’t justify paying so much for it!

    • Yeah that’s why I didn’t get it. lol This one does its job.