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  1. LOL!!! I’m seriously laughing out loud! I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like pumpkin spice! You probably wouldn’t like me. I love everything about pumpkin spice!!

  2. The thing I always laugh about with pumpkin spice everything is that Pumpkin in itself is not actually enjoyable as a sweet. What we all are raving about is the cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg, and other spices. NOT the pumpkin.

  3. I think I am in between. The old psl recipe was nasty. This year it is much better. I think pumpkin spice is just a fad that will go at some point. I just embrace it because it means fall is approaching and that is always a good thing! 🙂

    Xo, Stephanie

  4. Yassss! All the praise hands emojis to you girl. Much like my opinion on chipotle, I feel like pumpkin spice became the popular thing just because it was the new “popular” thing to like. I have had them before and just thought they were gross. I much prefer a salted caramel! I love pumpkin bread but I don’t want to drink it ha!

  5. I do enjoy Pumpkin Spice lattes. Lol. I don’t overdo it though with all the pumpkin stuff (though I do have some stuff that is pumpkin). I think there are other great things for fall that aren’t just pumpkin type of items.

  6. Ha ha! This cracks me up. It’s true though, pumpkin spice has taken over somehow! I watched a video on Facebook about how there are no natural flavors in the PSL and it causes cancer, blah blah blah. It’s probably not any worse than half of the things I eat, but it messed with me and now I won’t drink it.

  7. I happen to love pumpkin spice everything, but if I didn’t, I would be in the same boat you are in. HAHA. Stay strong!

  8. Sorry friend – I am on the total opposite end of the spectrum. I love the stuff and crave it every fall when the air turns cooler!

  9. THANK YOU Jasmine! For going “against the grain” and speaking out about an overly-hyped drink that is packed with artificial ingredients, not ONE of them being pumpkin. Fall is my favorite season of all so I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but this drink is not representative of Fall – you can fully enjoy this season AND be healthier by choosing not to indulge in a drink so packed with artificial colors and flavors and a whopping 49g of sugar! So let’s raise our glass of kombucha or filtered water and enjoy the crispy nip in the air 🙂

  10. Sorry, I love it! My brother gives me a hard time about it. I think we should just let people like what they like 🙂

  11. Hahaha! I saw a spoof photo on facebook of pumpkin spice… tampons. 😛

    I don’t mind a pumpkin-y spice-y muffin or donut or something occasionally, but I pretty much pass on the rest. Enjoyed your humorous thoughts!

  12. Hahaha! This made me laugh, I love it! I do like pumpkin spice lattes and candles but everything else I haven’t found to be all that great! I think it’s just an exciting fad ; ) love the post!

  13. Ha ha, I totally feel ya. I do love pumpkin spice, but I’ve recently decided that a) it DOES NOT taste good cold, and b) everyone can really calm down on the hype! Definitely makes me appreciate Starbucks and its advertising (or lack thereof) though…

  14. I do admit to being a pumpkin spice lover but in moderation. It seems to be taking over the world and there is no need for that. Some of the PS flavoured things I have seen make me want to gag. 😉

  15. Yes. I hesitate to admit I love pumpkin spice. Not everything pumpkin spice is good but the few things I like I really like. And I’m not ever talking about the SB PSL. Not a fan.

  16. Negative Nancy alert lmfao! ? cmon… Don’t hate! What the heck else do you want to highlight insead of pumpkin spice? It’s basically its own holiday.
    Don’t you like holidays? DONT YOU!? ????

  17. I actually enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, BUT I don’t do it every day because otherwise I’d get sick of the taste but now it’s officially fall the PSL will go even more extreme 😉 Get ready! xx,

  18. I love this! I new exactly what time of post this was going to be as son as I heard the title. I am a pumpkin lover and I believe I was enjoying pumpkin before it was the thing to do. Yes, call me basic. lol

  19. Bah humbug! 🙂 JK. I LOVE pumpkin spice and will keep obsessing over it. But I still like you even if you don’t. xo

  20. Hahaha I am a pumpkin spice lover! I stand proud and say it loud. I am sharing a bite of pumpkin everyday this month. So as of today I have ate pumpkin something for 24 days! Some homemade some store bought. I waited 10 minutes at Wawa this am till they got my (the)machine to work, ironic mine was the only one that didn’t work. I will ride this month out and have pie on Thanksgiving then let pumpkin go back into hibernation.


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