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  1. I usually push it with my mascara, but yesterday I sat down and chucked 5 of them that I’ve had for over 6 months. I only use a select few on a regular basis (Too Faced BTS, Lash Sensational and False Fiber Lashes) so I don’t know why I felt the need to keep the rest!

  2. One of my goals this month is to clean out my makeup desk, and I will definitely use these guidelines – thanks for the great post, Jasmine.

  3. I just tossed all my old make up & bought new stuff. I am loving the new stuff – much nicer and goes on much better!

  4. Always love your tips Jasmine! I actually just cleaned out my make up this week. I couldn’t bear to get rid of my eyeshadows though. I have such beautiful palettes, but I can never get through them fast enough!

  5. Gross. I definitely need to toss a lot of mine! I’ve kept it far too long! Thank you for this info because this is something I really need to do. I didn’t realize it expired so quickly.

  6. I need to seriously go through my makeup drawer! What about non-liquid concealers…same timeframe as the liquid variety?

  7. With the exception of mascara, I definitely err on the side of using makeup for a longer amounts of time. Especially if it’s a higher-end product like my Nars blush that’s still going strong nearly 2+ years later. As long as there’s no visible change or skin issues I keep it past the expiration mark. Even with a more pared-down makeup collection, there’s no way I could use everything up within 1-2 years. Haha!

  8. Huh, I never even thought about my make up expiring! Usually I use it up way before it would expire and I’m on to the next one, but I do have a drawer of old make up I hardly ever touch that I should probably clean out!

  9. I have so much makeup that I should probably just go through and toss- although I never do. Mascara is the worst for me and I know it’s so bad!! I really need to get on it.

  10. Awesome post, but it sounds like I may need to toss some makeup haha things like mascara, eyeliner, and foundations never last me long since I use them every day, but I definitely have too many lipsticks and lip glosses along with too many eye shadows. Some of them, I couldn’t even tell you where they came from haha

  11. I started getting serious about this like a year ago. I would be holding onto makeup for years and years not thinking anything of it, but then I read about the bacteria that can be contaminating the product and got so grossed out that I literally cleared draws full of products.

  12. Jasmine- I just did a decluttered my makeup like a month ago when one of my fav YouTubers talked about this! I know a lot of makeup lovers have tons of expired makeup. Its totally disgusting to think about (bacteria) but Im glad you brought this up!


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