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  1. Question – if I missed the premier of American Horror Story, can I still hop on the bandwagon this week?

  2. I really need to checkout The Bastard Executioner. Also I haven’t started Hotel yet, but I literally just finished Freak Show yesterday… haha. Also are you watching Scream Queens? It’s my new fave.

  3. So many of these are shows I’ve been dying to try! I love my guilty pleasures like Dancing with the stars and I also love the more serious shows too 🙂

  4. I haven’t watched The Bastard Executioner yet. I’ve DVR’d all the episodes but haven’t felt the urge to binge them yet. How similar in tone and directing is it to Sons of Anarchy? That might make me a little more intrigued.

  5. Love this post! Thank you for the tips. I’m always looking for a good new show to start in the fall!

  6. I tried the bastard executioner and it had some scenes I couldn’t swallow as well. AHS seems to get scarier and gorier every year. Im working on episode one, but its taking me longer than usual.

  7. My go-to shoes are Orange is the New Black, Homeland, Shameless and House of Cards – oh, and Girls!

  8. I am watching Empire (per recommendation of my bf). I also watch The Voice, Law & Order SVU, Chicago PD, Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, and How to get Away with Murder. Ah! So many great TV shows!

  9. I’ve been wanting to watch American Horror story, but I’ve been scared! lol. Gonna face my fears soon. Just finished the 1st season of How To Get Away With Murder – really enjoyed it!

  10. So I’m lame and haven’t actually watched any of these…that being said, I’ve heard so much talk about American Horror Story! I’m not a huge scary movie/TV girl but I hear it’s awesome!

  11. I’m so excited for the new seasons starting! I’ve really gotten into Scream Queens… I’m too scared to watch American Horror Story ha! Great list, I will have to check some of these shows!

  12. The new shows I’ve been watching are Scream Queens, The Grinder, and Grandfathered. But planning to watch more once I get more time. I haven’t watched any of AHS this season yet, but it looks super creepy!

  13. I’m so hooked on American Horror Story all of a sudden!! I’m binge watching season 2 on Netflix right now. I can’t wait to be all caught up to the rest of the world haha I also need to get back into Dancing with the Stars. I’ve seen ZERO episodes this season. It’s horrible. I’ll have to start that this weekend. And I’m also behind on The Originals…I’m not sure what I’m doing with my life haha

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