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  1. These colors look amazing! I especially love that plum color. I never use a highlight but am interested in it. I like that you can use this for day, night, and special occasions.

  2. I don’t have this palette, but I’ve been really impressive by their previous palettes. I feel like Tarte is better suited for office wear than some of the other palette’s on the market.

  3. I have this palette and I agree, the quality of the shadows are fantastic. I love the blush, but I’m way lighter then you, so it works on me. My only beef with this palette is that a lot of the shadows are really similar in color, I would have loved more variety!

  4. Sorry that you didnt like that blush- I love it… but then again I’m very fair skinned so everything shows up pretty vibrantly on me. Have you ever tried any of Tartes other blushes? You should give “Blushing Bride” a chance- its what I recomend to all my olive skin toned clients!

  5. Tarte is so amazing! I have a lot of their products and swear by them. Especially their eyeshadows. They have an amazing foundation too! Love the plum shades, and I noticed that a lot of the blushes do not really show up on my skin tone.


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