Beauty Mix

Beauty Mix

You guys I’m super excited to be announcing this. I’m collaborating with Ashleigh from Trucks and Ruffles. I met this beauty through Instagram. She’s an amazing mom, makeup artist and I’m just happy that are both collaborating. These days a lot of YouTubers are collaborating with one another to recreate a certain look including Jaelan from Making Mrs M. and I think that’s amazing. 

Who knows maybe you’ll see a Get Ready with Me video from me!

We wanted to do this because this is a great way for beauty/makeup artist to who are trying to grow not only their blog but social media sites. So if you’re a beauty lover like us this will be the perfect link up for you. Starting in May we will be creating makeup looks according to the prompts listed below. 

There is no right or wrong to this. You create the looks you want according to the prompts. Challenge yourself. Let’s see what you can do. 

You are more than welcome to share your videos as well if you have a YouTube channel. 


Here are the rules for the linkup:

  1. Create your look either take photos post them to your blog or do a video. 
  2. Share the look you created and linkup here. 
  3. Have FUN!

If you decide to join us I can’t wait to see your looks. This linkup will be open every Tuesday at midnight CST.