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  1. I keep hearing about these products on the radio and have been interested but a little skeptical… I’m not sure about charcoal on my face. Thanks for doing a review. I guess now I have no excuse not to try them!

  2. Awesome tips! I don’t normally buy Biore because it can be quite expensive compared to other products, but this sounds so useful and with the summer coming I can use all the the help I can get!

  3. These are some of my FAVORITE products. I also use that mask once a week and the cleanser every day : )

  4. I love the Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser! I keep it in my shower and use it every other day. My face feels SO good afterwards.

  5. I charcoal cleansing products! I have used something similar and really liked it. You are right about how important it is to clean your face! It makes such a difference – I never go to bed without cleaning mine!

  6. I’ve been seeing charcoal infused beauty products everywhere lately and have been really curious about them. Your skin is so super gorgeous. I love the make up look at the end of this post, of course your make up always looks flawless.

  7. I considered buying the biore charcoal face wash. I’ve been using clean and clear but it no longer works for my skin. I’ve heard so about this but I was hesitant on buying it. I think this review helped to give it a try at least. Thanks for the review & sharing.

  8. I went out and picked up a charcoal bar last week to try to help detoxify my skin, since I was breaking out like a mad woman from our move! I really think it’s helped dry out my pores and shrink them up a bit, because my skin is finally calming down! Also, I love your simple bronzy look! So perfect for summer!

  9. I have been eyeing to try this, so glad you reviewed it for me. Looks like a good pick! xx

  10. I’ve been meaning to find a good charcoal mask but I’ve been scared too(because of the color) but i might try out that Biore one!

  11. I’m so glad warmed weather is FINALLY here. I’ve heard great things about charcoal products but I’ve never tried one. You definitely have me interested!


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