Pool or Beach Makeup Essentials

Pool or Beach Makeup Essentials

Since summer is around the corner (well it’s kicked in for us in WI already), I wanted to write a post on some tips and makeup products you can wear to the pool or beach without having the caked on feeling. I dislike wearing a lot of makeup in the summer because my skin gets so oily and sweaty fast from the hot weather, so if I’m going to wear anything in the summer as far as makeup I want to wear to products that are going to be great for a hot day. Plus wearing your everyday makeup routine won’t cut it for them hot summer days.

Makeup Tips Before Wearing Makeup to the pool or beach:

  1. ALL PRODUCTS MUST BE WATERPROOF! You definitely don’t want to wear makeup that isn’t waterproof.
  2. Foundation – Wear something that is lightweight, sheer and waterproof. 
  3. Powder – You won’t need this but if you want to do touch ups you can definitely carry this with you. 
  4. Highlighter – Don’t wear anything creamy because it’ll just melt off. You want to wear something that will last long and not melt away.
  5. Lipstick – Choose a color that matches your lip color. It’ll make it look more natural. 

Best Makeup Products for the Pool or Beach: 




  • HIGH END: Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color and Lorac Breakthrough Performance 
  • DRUGSTORE: Almay Hydracolor lipstick and Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm 


Honestly, some of these products I have used and some are products that other bloggers have sworn that are the best. I can’t see myself wearing too much product on the beach or pool but hopefully, these will help you give an idea of what you can wear. 

What are your favorite beach or pool makeup essentials? 



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