My Makeup Brush Set – Oval Brush Review

My Makeup Brush Set - Oval Brush Review

Disclosure-My Makeup Brush Set products have been provided in consideration for a review. This is not a sponsored post.

If you’re a beauty lover or artist like myself, I’m sure you have seen these oval makeup brushes around on social media or videos of beauty gurus using these. Well, today I’m going to be talking to you about these fabulous oval brushes. Now these aren’t the Artis Makeup Brushes but these are just as good as those and less expensive. Consider these as drugstore brand for the Artis brushes. 

My Makeup Brush Set – Oval Brush definitely leaves your makeup looking flawless. There have been times where I have used too much foundation and I had to test out the foundation brush to see how well the brush would blend in my foundation, and it worked. It really did leave my foundation flawless, no streaks or patches. 

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Let’s talk about the Oval Brushes and what they’re for:

  1. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, cheek blush and cheek contour.
  2. Foundation, setting powder, concealer, eyeshadow and cheek contour. 
  3. Eyeshadow, brow color, eyeliner, and concealer. 
  4. Lip Finish, eyeshadow, brow color, and concealer. 
  5. Lip finish, eyeshadow and concealer. 

My Makeup Brush Set - Oval Brush Review

  1. Foundation, bronzing, and setting powder.
  2. Foundation, bronzing, and setting powder.
  3. Cheek blush and cheek contour.
  4. Cheek blush and cheek contour.
  5. Concealer, cheek blush, cheek contour, foundation, bronzing, and setting powder.

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As you can see some of these brushes are meant for the same thing or can be used for the same thing. It all depends on you. I’m going to share with you my favorite brushes and what I use them for. 

  1. brush #1 (2nd image) – definitely love to use it for applying my foundation. I found it big enough to do the work and it’s a lot faster than using a beauty blender to apply the foundation. 
  2. brush #4 (2nd image) – to apply my setting powder for when I’m baking. 
  3. brush #1 (1st image) – love this brush for applying my highlight. It’s so much easier then using a fan brush at least for me it is. 

Overall I love these brushes and will continue to use them when applying my makeup. The way the brushes are shaped, especially the handle cause the tip of the brushes are tilted. Super light weight as well. The brush hairs are synthetic hairs.

This Oval Brush set is $25! On top of that they have other styles of brushes and many more products. If you decide to purchase ANY products from My Brush Set you can use code: SAVEWITHJASMINE for 10%!

Have you tried the oval brushes yet?