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  1. Heck yes I love everything about fall! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Gorgeous leaves….the Fashion of course! Although right now my bucket list looks more like:

    1. Pray to God – that this 90 degree heat leaves by the time October arrives
    2. Start bringing out all my summer clothes again – fall is no where in sight
    3. Give up on my hair – because the heat and humidity is here to stay

    You get the idea …hahah

  2. Yes fall is my favorite time of the year! Caramel apples are my favorite thing to eat, I always go home with 2 or 3 at the fair! My husband and I have carved 1 pumpkin the 5 years we have been together bc we are both awful at it, but this year I think we may tackle it!

    • Caramel apples are seriously BOMB! I can’t wait to make some with my kids. Lo we’re not good at carving pumpkins but we are buying the kit that comes with the stencils to do it.

  3. Great list! I love jumping in a big ol’ pile of leaves. I also love caramel apples. We have a few rodeo events during the fall season that are fun to attend, and fall is my favorite time of year to go fishing because the changing leaves look so pretty reflecting on the water. 🙂
    xoxo, erin |

  4. I want to do so many of these things this fall. We have somewhere to pick apples, and I’m going to force the boyfriend to go with me this year. For the BLOG!!! …since it’d be a cute place to take photos 😉 xx

  5. YES! Bring on the leggings, boots, scarves and plaid everything! I love getting warm apple dumplings with vanilla ice cream this time if year. I also love all the pumpkin decor and the cool, crisp air (we’re still waiting on that here in Georgia). I also love sitting outside snuggled under a blanket with my hubby this time of year.

  6. Fall…hmm… I love summer and hate pumpkin, but I’ll be positive lol. I love the scents from Bath & Body works, the fact that I can wear boots any and everywhere, and football season!

  7. This is such a great list, I would also like to do any of those items you listed! Thank you for sharing this great Fall Bucket list!


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