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  1. This is super informative. I just bought a couple of these to add to my growing collection. With a theater major daughter who works in costume and makeup design she is constantly telling her 49 year old mom tips and tricks to do with this older face. brushes have made a difference. Who knew?

  2. I just purchased the Sigma F80 brush yesterday. I heard so many great things about it. I know I’m late but I needed a new brush. Thanks for this!

  3. That Real Techniques face brush is my ultimate holy grail brush – I couldn’t live without it! I’ve heard great things about Sigma brushes, so I’ll be trying them out too – love your graphic ,too.

  4. Thanks for sharing!! I’ve never read a post like this before and I love finding unique content online. I learned a lot about brushes and will definitely be getting some similar to you! Thanks for sharing what you use them for too.

  5. This is awesome! I’ve been needing to get new brushes and expand my collection. Thanks for putting this together!

  6. I love the RT face brush, I use it for all my contouring and feel like it’s the best brush out there for it! I love that it’s tapered but that it blends everything out really well!

  7. I am just starting to really get into my make up. I’ve been very basic and would love to start doing more. Brushes are beyond me, but I know they are super important, thanks for the recommendations!

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