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  1. There isn’t going to be winter at this part of the world so my skincare routine stays the same all year round and it’s basically a lot of Shea butter and natural products

  2. Love all these great suggestions girly! I used to use ELEMIS products and I just loved them but then I started Rodan and fields. Used that line for about 2 yrs and I just stopped because it was just too expensive so now I’m on the hunt for new skin care. Ive had success with witch hazel toners in the past so I think I may try the Dickinsons one

  3. The Derma e night cream is my favorite! I would love to try the mask though. I’ve been using a toner by a brand called Beterre which is pretty good.

  4. I have never heard of Derma E but am in serious need of some new products so I am going to try. And I love the Mario Badescu Facial spray it is one of my favs !

  5. Oh the spray sounds interesting. I’ve been wondering how those work and if they are worth it. It would be nice to spritz something on when I’m feeling dry instead of messing up my makeup with lotion.


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