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  1. Hahahaha I love how you are already counting down to Christmas!! Instagram has been on top of my radar lately because of the algorithm too. I think you have some awesome goals for this month! good luck (:

  2. Great goals and good luck! I’d like to get photos of the boyfriend & i done too, i love the idea. Oh, you’ll love apple cider! Add a little cinnamon and homemade whipped cream, yum.

  3. OMG you need to try apple cider! It is LIFE changing girlfriend! Haha I hope you meet your goals and more this month! I’m going to try and focus more on Twitter too. It’s one of those platforms that really requires attention! xoxo

  4. Girl how have you not tried apple cider?! That’s nuts! Make sure you get caramel apple cider 🙂 btw I always love collabing with you!

  5. I’ve been planning to connect with brands again myself. It’s annoying when PR companies say their client doesn’t have a budget. If they didn’t, they’d be reaching out to us, not the PR companies. 😉 PR companies get paid, so why can’t we?

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