2017 Goals

2017 Goals

New Year means new resolutions. I’m sure we’re all writing down what our New Year resolutions are going to be in 2017 but how many of you can honestly say you followed through with your 2016 resolutions? I can honestly say I didn’t. I failed at them. Today I’m going to look back at my 2016 goals and share with you my 2017 goals. 

2016 Goals

Travel – Nope that didn’t happen. 

Save Money – Nope this didn’t happen as well. 

Pay Off Debts – Did pay off a few!

Read 10 Books – HA! Nope. I believe I read 1 book though. 

2017 Goals

Continue to Blog Full Time – Blogging is my source of income (on my end) and this is something I’m completely passionate about and I will continue to do it. 

Continue to Grow My Freelance makeup business (so if you’re in the Madison area look me up here) – Love making ladies feel beautiful for any occasions. 

Read 5 books – Okay I’m going to TRY and read 5 books because I truly miss taking that time to read a book and actually enjoy it. 

Family Vacation – We have been talking about doing this and we do plan to do so. 

Collaborate with Bloggers – Love working with other bloggers so I definitely want to collaborate with more bloggers in 2017.

Save Money Weekly – We are already taking a head start on saving money. 

Move to a Bigger Apartment – I’m really over my apartment and I really want a 3 bedroom so I can have a space for myself. 

What are your goals for 2017?

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