Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions

You guys…..there are 10 days until Christmas. I’M SO EXCITED! My boys are constantly waking up and reminding us how many more days until Christmas. Which I can’t lie I’m ready to give them their presents. We still have a few things to get them but we will be ready to wrap and put them under the tree on the 23rd. I’m sure you guys are wondering “Well Christmas Eve is on the 24th?”. Growing up my family ALWAYS celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve meaning the whole family would get together on the 24th, we would have a big feast and then open presents. 

Then on Christmas Day we would have the whole day to relax (in case we drank a bit too much the night before), eat left overs, and watch Christmas movies. But when my ex husband and I divorced we decided that the boys will celebrate Christmas on the 24th and he will have them on the 25th. Which is okay with me.

With that being said today I’m going to share with you; OUR Family Christmas Traditions. Now this isn’t something we do on the 24th but scatter them throughout the month of December.

Our Family Christmas Traditions 

Bake Holiday Desserts – This means gingerbread cookies, brownies, and peanut butter blossoms. This year we’re going to make some chocolate peanut brittle and peppermint brownie blossoms. 

Build Gingerbread Houses – We use to buy the box set to do this but that was such a pain for us, so this year we’re going to buy graham crackers, frosting and candy to do it ourselves. Maybe this time it’ll be easier. 

Christmas Traditions

Host Christmas – Like last year I hosted Christmas at my house with my family and I’ll be doing again this year. So we’re already planning a menu.

Go See the Christmas Lights – One of our favorite things to do. See all the pretty Christmas lights our city put together by the lake in our car. 

Christmas Morning Breakfast – We like to make the boys holiday breakfast. I’m thinking of doing “Rudolph Pancakes” this year. I know the boys will love it. 

Christmas Movie Night – Uh hello this is a must with hot chocolate, cozied up on the couch with our blankets. You can see our favorite movies here!

I can’t wait to start doing some baking this weekend with the kiddos and of course watch Christmas movies while we do it. 

What are your family Christmas Traditions?

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