March Goals

March Goals

Well hello, March! It’s already the third month of 2017. Like what!!! Where is the time going? Pretty soon we’re going to be having spring weather. I feel like we’ve been having bipolar weather in Wisconsin. Last week we had 60-70 degree weather and now we have snow and Sunday we’re going to have 60-degree weather again. Gotta love mother nature. Since it’s a new month, you already know that I plan to share my goals for March and we’re also going to do a recap of how I did in February. 

February Goals Recap


  • Read Big Little Lies – Lexi and I have started a book club for our SYBL Facebook Group which we’re so excited about to do this month. // Oh my gosh, I loved this book. I was surprised that I actually finished it and now I can watch the show on HBO. 
  • Continue to save money // BAHAHA! What a joke. I need to stop trying to make this happened. 
  • Start our DIY bed base + headboard for our bedroom // Sadly we haven’t started this DIY because we’ve been so busy. 


  • Reach my 10k goal on Instagram // YES YES YES!!! I finally reached my 10k goal. I was so happy about it. 
  • Reach 3100 on Twitter // Seriously though why is Twitter so hard to grow. 
  • Reach 3000 on Pinterest // Currently at 2499 which means I need to keep pushing to reach my 3k goal.
  • Follow through with the #SYBLHOLIDAYS Instagram photo challenge // FAILED at this. I did participate on a few days but other stuff came up so I couldn’t do all of them. 

Personal 2/3 is not so bad and Blog goals 1/4 need to do better. 

March Goals

  • DIY Bed Base + Headboard
  • Read 1 book
  • Collaborate with more bloggers (let me know if you’re interested)
  • Pitch to more brands
  • Start doing my spring cleaning
  • Drink more water
  • Date night with Brian
  • Book some prom appointments
What are your goals for March?
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