Best Liquid Eyeliners

Best Liquid Eyeliners

When it comes to makeup my go-to staple is definitely the eyeliner. You already know that I love creating fierce wing liners and for that, I need great eyeliners. I’m extremely picky when I shop for eyeliners especially liquid because some of the liquid eyeliners do bleed, smudge and don’t last long. So far I’ve found my favorite top 6 liquid liners that I haven’t had any issues with. Of course 3 of them are drugstore and the other 3 are high-end.


Best Liquid Eyeliners

Left to Right: Kat Von D, Rodial, City Color Cosmetics, & Jesse’s Girl

Best Liquid Eyeliners

Top to Bottom: Sigma Beauty & NYX Cosmetics

Top 6 Best Liquid Eyeliners

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics // Price: $6.99 

This eyeliner is a calligraphy style brush. It’s definitely easy to use and it doesn’t tug or pull on your eyes when you’re applying it. What I love about this eyeliner is that it gives a matte finish. 

Sigma Beauty // Price: $14.00

If you love matte liquid liners this is a must have in your collection. I swear this eyeliner is the best high-end matte liquid liner. Doesn’t flake either. 

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Rodial // Price: $28.00

It’s a felt tip pen style liner. I like to use this when I’m not doing a wing liner but still want to apply eyeliner. It gets close to lashes. Super black too. 

City Color Cosmetics // Price: $4.99

Want bold, extreme look this is the liner you want. It gives you a very dramatic look. 

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Kat Von D // Price: $20.00

You guys already know that this is very popular eyeliner. Lots of beauty guru’s love this eyeliner because of the felt tip and how black it is. 

NYX Cosmetics Vinyl Liner // Price: $6.99

If you’re looking for a liner that gives your eye look a shiny finish, this is a good liquid liner to get because it definitely gives you a shiny wing look. 

Best Liquid Eyeliners

What is your favorite liquid eyeliner? I love finding new liners to try.