Overnight Beauty with Eve By Eve’s

Skincare with Eve By Eve's

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Eve by Eve’s. All opinions and results expressed in this article are 100% my own.

I’ve shared so many of my favorite skincare products on my blog and that’s because I love sharing them with you. Well, I’m here to add another skincare line + items to that list. How many of you have heard of Eve by Eve’s? If you’re unfamiliar with this brand, I’m here to tell you all about this amazing brand. I’ve been using their skincare products every night and I love how my skin has been feeling and looking. Eve by Eve’s is a Swiss product.

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Overnight Beauty with Eve By Eve's

About Eve by Eve’s

Eve’s Temptation was founded in 2001 by Eva Hsieh. Her philosophy that beauty starts on the inside and radiates on the outside. Eva’s passion for beauty from within, also led to the creation of our beauty and skincare range. Our team has spent years traveling the globe, sourcing only the finest ingredients and choosing the most prestigious locations to bring you a natural, organic and luxurious beauty collection.

Overnight Beauty with Eve By Eve's

Overnight Beauty with Eve By Eve's

Lavender Brightening Micro-Foam Cleanser

The lavender cleansing oil is naturally-derived oil. It dissolves makeup and impurities. Emulsifies when it comes in contact with water but doesn’t leave an oily residue after you rinse your face. It’s infused with brightening Japanese botanical extracts such as cherry blossom leaf, plum, yuzu, and it’s scented with lavender essential oil.  I find that it provides a truly deep clean that will suit all skin types and needs. It balances the T-zone without overly drying or irritating the complexion. I love how dense the foam is, so I use two pumps.

Overnight Beauty with Eve By Eve's

Overnight Beauty with Eve By Eve's

Cream Eviternity

Before we get to talking about the product can I just I love this packaging. The gold squared bottle is so sleek, beautiful and chic. I love it. They decided to go with this packaging because it protects the product from air going into the product and contaminating it. 

Now onto the product. The Cream Eviternity is an anti-aging facial cream. The key ingredients in this little bottle are Gamma-PGA, Plantain Leaf Stem Cells, Organic Edelweiss from the Swiss Alps, and Argireline. The base of the cream is made from 100% natural ingredients like coconut and apricot oil. 

My first opinion on the cream that the product is thick but it actually is light-weight. I couldn’t feel it on my skin. It absorbs into the skin very quickly. 

Overnight Beauty with Eve By Eve's

Overnight Beauty with Eve By Eve's

Purifying Algae + Clay Mask 

If you’re like me and loves a good clay mask this one is a must a try. The Eve by Eve’s Purifying Algae + Clay Mask is made from 99% natural ingredients. The algae that are in the mask provides a plethora of benefits like conditioning, softening and detoxifies the skin. It leaves your skin feeling healthy and rejuvenated all day long. 

γ-PGA is the secret in the clay mask. It’s loaded with long-lasting moisturization and helps with restoring your skin elasticity.  The difference between this mask compared to other masks? It doesn’t tighten or crack against your skin while it’s treating. Instead, it soothes and while giving you the deep cleansing. Scented with healing jasmine, lavender, thyme and eucalyptus essential oils. 

Overall Review – I really loved the products. I have never tried luxury skincare before at least not like this, so I was actually impressed by how good they were. They are pricey but it’s definitely worth the purchase. I like how they’re made from natural ingredients which are something I really try to use because of my skin sensitivity. 

Have you tried any of the Eve by Eve’s Skincare products?