Supplement Capsules Every Fitness Junkie Needs

Supplement Capsules Every Fitness Junkie Needs

I’m not someone who loves to work out but my future hubby Brian is. Especially now that he is “sweating for the wedding” if you call it lol. With him working out and obviously he’s reaching 30’s in a few months (shhh don’t tell him I told you), I wanted to make sure that he was also providing nutrients and vitamins into his body. I mean that’s what every future wifey does, right?

Supplement Capsules Every Fitness Junkie Needs

Supplement Capsules Every Fitness Junkie Needs

One thing for sure is that Brian hasn’t changed anything when it comes to diet. He still eats what HE WANTS but he definitely loves to have a smoothie every day (I do too for lunch). But now he’s been adding the Vital Proteins Spirulina Capsules into his routine. He takes them every night after his workout. 

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Vital Proteins Spirulina Capsules

Spirulina capsules are a great source of nutrients because it contains superfood sourced from blue-green algae. It contains Vitamin A, Vitamin K, and other potent phytonutrients that help to aid in the body’s ability to naturally detoxify while giving you overall energy levels a huge boost. 

  • promotes healthy immune system
  • supports detoxification 

Mainly why Brian takes these it’s because it aids in muscle strength and endurance. Using the Spirulina can be more efficient when it comes to building muscles. It helps with muscle fatigue and reduces exhaustion.  

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Besides helping with exhaustion, muscle fatigue, and building muscles, Spirulina Capsules contains a POWERFUL source of antioxidants. The main source of the antioxidant component of spirulina is called phycocyanin.

Not sure what phycocyanin is? Don’t worry I didn’t either until I did research. It aids in producing effective antioxidant effects by combatting free radicals and blocking harmful inflammatory molecules. Phycocyanin is also the component that gives spirulina it’s dark blue-green color. 

Brian has been enjoying taking these because he used to hate waking up in the morning like it would be hard for him to get out of bed but now that he’s been taking the Spirulina for 2 weeks it’s definitely gotten a lot easier for him to get out of bed. He’s not as sore as he use to get when he did his workouts.  He’s got a lot more energy. If you’re wondering this supplement is 100% VEGAN.

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