5 Destinations to Consider for Spring Break

Hey, gals! I’m Keighla, a blogger over at A La Keighla, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. I must say that I always have the bug to travel, and I always find myself writing about it. Especially during the late winter months, I find myself daydreaming about my next destination, which is usually somewhere tropical to escape the snowy weather here in NYC. That’s why  I wanted to share with you five destinations to consider for a spring break trip!

Some of them are your typical warm-weathered beach vacays, but I also wanted to share with you guys some great destinations to explore that may be a little unordinary for a typical “spring break trip”- because who wants to read about all the destinations you’d think of yourself? Here are some destinations that would be great to travel to this spring:

5 Destinations to Consider for Spring Break


This destination might seem a little luxurious and expensive for a spring break trip, but I have a few good reasons to visit this amazing country. Although the airfare may be on the pricey side, that’s the only thing that will be! Thailand is a great destination because everything is cheaper than you may believe. I stayed in Phuket when I visited Thailand and it is undoubtedly the most beautiful place I have ever been. This is the ultimate vacation- beautiful beaches, clear oceans, and so much culture to experience.


Hawaii is a great destination for anyone wanting to get away who may not have a passport. Hawaii is absolutely stunning, and whether you’re a college student or a family of four, there is definitely something for you. There are activities ranging from surfing to hiking and even just a regular beach day, there are so many things to do in this beautiful state. I love this option as well because it feels like you’ve traveled outside the country, yet everyone speaks English!

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Speaking of not traveling far but feeling in another world, Montreal is a great option for a European getaway. Although Montreal is in Canada, many say that you would never know- you feel like you’re in France no matter where you go in this Canadian town! Many people here are fluent in both French and English, so no worries if you feel uncomfortable with not knowing the language.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico may not seem like the first place you’d want to travel after Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico last September. However, Puerto Rico has since been restoring power and is seeking to build its economy back up through tourism! Puerto Rico is an absolutely stunning country, you will have to go and see it for yourself! This is a great way to support a cause and enjoy a vacation at the same time!


Now I know this isn’t a destination per se, but the great thing about cruises is that they give you the opportunity to explore many different destinations. It also helps that cruises are one of the cheapest vacations you can take! With all-inclusive amenities, activities for adults and families, and multiple destinations, you can’t go wrong with taking a nice cruise for spring break!

I hope this list helps you narrow down a location for spring break! You can find more of my travel posts here, check out the rest of my blog here, and follow me on Instagram here! Happy travels!