8 Ways To Afford High Travel with a Low Budget

8 Ways To Afford High Travel with a Low Budget

How is it possible to travel the world and still save money? So many readers have asked that question and I actually have a few great tips that can help YOU achieve it! I’ve had the ‘travel bug’ since I was a little kid. My grandfather was the one who inspired me to try and save every paycheck ( about 10% from each one ) and put it in a savings account. Once a year was over, I’d go into the account, pull out the money and go on a trip that would leave me with amazing memories. I promise you can do it too! 

8 Ways To Afford High Travel with a Low Budget

Do Your Research– There are always ‘peak seasons’ when it comes to traveling which means everything is at a super high price. The key is to try and go when it’s the opposite! With prices low, you’re already saving half the money by booking your trip when not many people will be there. Plus- think awesome pictures! 

Stay Outside Main Tourist Areas– Staying outside of the main area really allows you to get a lot more for less. It also gives you the opportunity to explore and experience a new neighborhood. I love how it can really set the tone!

Book Using AirBnB– Vacation rentals or Airbnb can offer luxury accommodations for less than the cost of staying in a big fancy hotel! 

Check Last Minute Vacation Deals– If you want to travel last minute, sometimes you can get lucky with a last minute deal! Try to check airlines, third party websites or travel agents for deals. One time, I was able to grab a great price to Las Vegas through Expedia! 

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8 Ways To Afford High Travel with a Low Budget

Use Club Cards or Travel Rewards– Using a reward credit card allows you redeem points towards a cost of a flight, rental car or hotel. By redeeming your points, you can use the money saved towards a fancy dinner or a fun excursion. 

Travel With A Group– Traveling in a large group can help cut down cost since there are several more people to help pay for accommodations! Sometimes hotels can provide you with discounts when you book multiple rooms! 

Travel Where Your Currency Is Worth More– If you’re wanting to travel abroad, think of destinations to visit where the currency is worth more. For example, I had a friend travel to Istanbul over the Spring and she was able to enjoy many luxury options for a lot less! 

Ask For Free Upgrades- It never hurts to ask for an upgrade to a business class or a hotel suite. On occasion, if there is an empty seat in a business class, you might be able to get a free upgrade if you are polite and ask nicely. Of course- don’t expect to get it with a large group. The same applies to renting a car- you might be able to get a free upgrade if your original booking was for something higher than economy or compact. 

What are some tips you have for traveling?


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