Utilizing Pinterest to Help You Plan Your Wedding

Utilizing Pinterest to Help You Plan Your Wedding

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We are 4 months into our engagement and I have been trying to keep my mind at ease with how I want my wedding to be like. Now if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been struggling to find a venue that will make my vision for my wedding come to life. Thankfully the easy part of wedding planning is creating boards on Pinterest for ideas that pop into my head that I can easily find for inspiration. 

Why You Need An Inspiration Board

If you’re NEWLY engaged creating a Pinterest board is definitely going to help you ease your mind. By creating a board solely to your wedding, this is not only giving you a vision of how you want your wedding but you can also get inspiration from them. What I love about the NEW Pinterest layout is that you’re able to create 1 wedding board and on that board, you’re able to create other boards to keep things in order.

For example: In my board, I have categories such as gift ideas, decorating, flowers, grooms, makeup looks, hairstyles, flower girl etc.. This way if I find something I like, I am able to easily pin that image to that specific board.

NOW LET ME BACKTRACK. Before you start pinning things into your wedding board, the most important thing about your wedding is picking a color palette. Thankfully WeddingWire has a great tool to give you an idea of color palettes for your wedding. 

Picking a Color Palette

Utilizing Pinterest to Help You Plan Your Wedding

Utilizing Pinterest to Help You Plan Your Wedding

Utilizing Pinterest to Help You Plan Your Wedding

  1. You want to select what season you’re expecting your wedding to be in, from there you are given 4 color choices.
  2. Because I am having my wedding in the fall, I was given these 4 color options. Mainly because these are your fall colors. Of course, I want more of orange tones in my wedding so I select orange. 
  3. Then it generates 6 different color palettes for you. 

Now the WeddingWire Color Palette Generator is just a way to help you pick colors that will go well with other colors. For me, I already knew that my main colors were going to be Navy, Gray, and Orange for sure. 

You have a color palette idea, start using Pinterest by searching for wedding ideas in the colors you want to use for your wedding. 

One other tip I have is to keep your Wedding Pinterest Board a “secret”. Only share it with your fiancé, bridesmaids, or parents. That way guests don’t go creeping on your board getting hints of what you’re planning to do for your wedding.

Have you used Pinterest to help you plan your wedding?